Is A Weekly Cleaning Service Enough? What Can You Reasonably Expect From Once A Week Cleaning

Even though some people do not get a chance to spend a lot of quality time in their homes today, keeping the home nice and fresh is still a priority. Because of the high demand jobs that people perform, its difficult to keep a spic and span home when the person really does not have any time left over after they have completed their work for the day. Due to these and other related changing trends, homeowners are hiring a variety of different cleaning services like the fabulous maid and Residential cleaning Boston to assist them with meeting their needs. Before a homeowner decides to hire a Home cleaning Boston agency to do the cleaning for them, there’s some information that the homeowner must be aware of. One of the most important is determining what their cleaning services needs, specifically according to what is really being offered in the industry.

That said, one of the first things that many homeowners and their families want to know is if they can hire a weekly cleaning service provider to meet their specific needs. In response to this question, here are some of the most common cleaning services that will be provided when the owner is looking to obtain weekly cleaning services.


When a homeowner is looking to keep their home clean and fresh, they may need to place the bathroom on top of the list. Since the owner is looking to employ a service for weekly cleaning, the bathrooms are the places that tend to need the extra added care. So, when professional cleaning services agents enter the home, they may start the process by cleaning out the tub and the tiles on the walls to remove, dirt, grime and any mold that may have been built up over time. Cleaning these jobs thoroughly normally requires using some kind of bleach products so that these areas will not only shine brightly, but also be free of certain types of bacteria. After the tubs and the tiles are clean, these workers may then proceed to the toilet bowl. Fortunately, there are different types of effective toilet bowl cleaners on the market today that can take care of these jobs much easier than ever before.


Another important place that the owner of the home and their families need help with on a weekly basis is the kitchen. Since there are a number of different appliances in the kitchen that require thorough cleaning, homeowner can also include this area in the home as a higher priority too. For instance, the cleaning service professional may start this job by cleaning out the oven and the top of the stove, the refrigerator and the microwave. Once these appliances are cleaned thoroughly, these professionals may need to clean the counter tops, cabinets and other things in the kitchen that can go lacking easily, unless an individual is paying special attention to these areas.

Carpet Cleaning

When people want their homes clean, it is also important that they specify their carpeting needs. In some cases, the homeowner may simply need their carpets vacuumed on a regular basis or they may need to have their carpets steamed for deep cleaning. Either way, the carpet cleaning must be part of the process of weekly cleaning services. Because some homes have wall to wall carpeting in their homes, this can be a relatively big jobs for some home cleaning services or it can be a small job to take care of based on the actual size of the home.

Keep the home free of dust

Because dust in a home can easily accumulate, people may also need their homes cleaned thoroughly so that they can remain dust free. Dust free homes are not always a luxury for some homeowners since some family members may be allergic to these particles. With this being the case, the cleaning service professional will need to make sure that they are using the appropriate tools in order to do a good job of keeping a wide variety of different areas clean.