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Five Places Where Bacteria Thrive at Home

Michaell Rodriguez

Bacteria at Home

It is popularly believed that bacteria and germs are everywhere. As much as that is true, there are places within the house where their numbers are a lot higher than others. While germs can easily lead to infections, The Fabulous Maid LLC can also help you get rid of them. These services understand where to focus and below are some of the places within the house where you can find bacteria.

The Kitchen Sink

Would you retrieve something, especially food from a toilet bowl? Whereas the idea of retrieving something from a toilet bowl will make many people cringe, the kitchen sink is actually dirtier that that toilet that you are afraid of. Food particles from dishes left in the sink provide the optimal breeding grounds for bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. These bacteria can easily get on your hands and foods. Rinsing the sink with water is not enough to keep them away. House Cleaning Boston focuses on sanitizing the sink with a solution of bleach and water.

Knobs, Switches and Handles

People walk around the house opening doors all the time. When coming from outside, your hands are most likely dirty but you will still go ahead and open the door. The sad part is these switches and knobs and handles rarely get the attention that they deserve leading to bacteria build-up. To avoid this, disinfect them at least every day. Even as you clean them, do not use the same wipes on too many surfaces.

Computer Keyboard

We all like using our computers at home, but the keyboard is also one of the dirtiest places within the house. Many people normally sit on their computers without washing their hands and even go ahead to sneeze and eat around the computer. This leads to bacteria build up but luckily, maid service Boston knows this and will clean your keyboard nicely. However, you also need to wash your hands before and after using the computer and vacuum it gently to clean it.


Even though this is where you clean yourself, the bathtub is not usually that clean. Bacteria that come from your body and those that are found in the lining of the inlet pipes are what make the bathtub dirty. In fact, if the pipes are not very clean, you are simply soaking yourself in germy water. Despite all this bacteria, The Fabulous Maid LLC service know just what is needed to keep the bathtub and entire bathroom clean.

Toilet Bowl

Yes, we all know this dirty. Just like the kitchen sink, bacteria thrive in the toilet bowl, thanks to the ever-present water supply. Furthermore, the pipes that bring in water are also filled with bacteria and all sorts of microorganisms. Luckily for this area of the house, many people understand that it is dirty but unfortunately, they do not give it the care it deserves. When you hire maid service, Boston, they will disinfect all the surfaces within the toilet including the toilet bowl to eliminate bacteria.

While turning your home into a sterile hospital is not possible, you need to be aware of some of the areas that are filled with bacteria so that you can clean them properly and one way of achieving that is by hiring house cleaning Boston pr