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Refer a Friend Program, The Fabulous Maid

Save Money on Friend Refereal Program

Save money with our referral program, Get free cleaning and discounts by referring friends for our cleaning services.

Save money with our referral program! Earn discounts and FREE cleanings simply by referring friends, family members and businesses for our cleaning services.

With each referral, you get a 30% discount on your next cleaning along with a 20% discount for the person you referred. Everyone wins.

You can also choose to save your 30% discount toward a FREE cleaning with three referrals.

How It Works:

-Ask us for a referral card

-We’ll give you one with a unique referral code. This is your permanent code.

-Every time you refer someone, just tell them to give us your code and that’s it!

-Use your 30% discount immediately on your next cleaning, or chase a FREE cleaning with three referrals.