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Great Value Residential and comercial property maid services in Andover The Fabulous Maid extends its residential and commercial services to all of Massachusetts, and this includes the wonderful historic town of Andover. In our efforts of providing a quality service to all of Massachusetts, our friendly and detailed website even includes interesting information on the cities and towns we serve. Our service area is important to us, and we want to reach out and connect with residents and businesses of our great state of Massachusetts. In light of this effort, we'd like to highlight the city of Andover.

With a population a little over 30,000, Andover is a comfortably sized town which has many of the amenities of a big city without the rush and business. Located in Northeast Massachusetts, its proximity from Boston is a close 26 miles, but is too far away to be considered a suburb. The Massachusetts ocean beach isn't too far away either, so Andover residents have many options if they want to get away for the day. Settled in 1636, Andover is about as ancient of a town as there is in America, and the history is rich as a result. Originally the town was called Cochichawicke, which was a Native American name. This name changed to Andover when the town was incorporated in 1646.

Interestingly, Andover is infamous for having the most people accused of any other town in New England during the Salem witch trials in 1692. Andover is located only 15 miles northwest of the Salem Village. This resulted in three Andover residents being convicted of making a pact with the Devil and then executed. Although this piece of history is hundreds of years ago, Andover still bears the mark of this interesting period of American history.

Such a small incident in history can't overshadow the positive aspects Andover has to offer to its blessed inhabitants and those who find many reasons to visit. One of the most well-known facts about Andover is it being the location of the world-renown Phillips Academy. Phillips Academy is one of the oldest and most prestigious secondary “prep” schools in America. So much so, even President George Bush and Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr. are alumni from this ongoing quality school. Founded in 1770 by Samuel Phillips, the school has 1,100 students enrolled today.

Have you ever heard of the song America? Well, most people have even if they don't know it was written by Samuel Francis in 1831 while a student at the Andover Theological Seminary. This song is emblematic of the fact that Andover is actually often referred as the “Home of America.” Really, when looking at the historic richness of Andover, one can see it has experienced and been participant in many aspects of our young nation's history, even before it was a nation as it is now.

Andover today isn't a New England Village anymore, as it has adapted and attracted modern industries rather than the woolen mills of the past. Today, a visitor or resident can enjoy fine museums, performing arts, minor league baseball and hockey sporting events, world class golfing, canoeing, hiking, and even camping in the Harold Parker State Forest Park on it's 3,000 acres of amazing beauty.

The Fabulous Maid is happy to serve this fine historic city with so much to offer. This is another bright spot of culture, business, and nature in our great state of Massachusetts. Being in proximity of so many interesting places full of life and work, we'd like to extend our quality cleaning services to both Andover's residential and commercial inhabitants in hopes of gaining your business and allowing us the pleasure of serving your city.