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Housekeeping cleaning services for all your cleaning needs in Arlington Based in Boston, The Fabulous Maid residential and commercial cleaning service understands what a great historic state we share. We are proud to extend our quality cleaning services throughout this great state of Massachusetts which we reside. The Fabulous Maid is not only intent on bringing eco-friendly professional service to our valued customers, but also wants to connect with our fellow citizens by highlighting some interesting facts and history of the great city of Arlington, MA.

There are so many historical destinations in northeast Massachusetts, and Arlington is one of the best. With its own unique corner of colonial and American historical events still apparent in the modern times we live, this American city is rich with cultural history.

Located only 6 miles from Boston in Middlesex County, this city of nearly 43,000 residence is very conveniently located. Founded in 1635 by European colonist under the name Menotomy, this small city has only relatively recently taken the name of Arlington in 1867, in honor of Arlington National Cemetery.

Not only does this city show the marks of the American Civil War, but is also famous for the Revolutionary War - being a city in which Paul Revere rode through on his historic ride. Also, Menotomy was also the place in which on the first day of the American Revolutionary War there was a battle, in which 25 colonist died and 40 British troops were killed. This battle produced more deaths than the Lexington and Concord battles combined, and the effects can still be seen at the Jason Russel House where 12 Americans died fighting that April 19, 1775 day.

Interestingly, Arlington is the birth place of maybe the most famous American most of us don't know specifically, that being Samuel Wilson – also known as Uncle Sam. Samuel was only 9 years old when the Battle of Menotomy took place during the American Revolution, only later being distinguished as “Uncle Sam” when he started a meat-packing business, in which the U.S. stamped on the boxes of meat during the War of 1812 started being called Uncle Sam.

Another notable distinction of this history-rich city is it being the location of the Old Schwamb Mill, which was built in 1650 and is still working today. This makes this mill the longest working mill in the United States. Captain Cook built the first mill in the area, and afterwards there were seven more mills built along the stream called Mill Brook, which runs through the town. Other water bodies nearby include the Mystic Lakes and Mystic River, in which originally were surrounded by Native American inhabitants of the Massachusetts Tribe who were part of the Algonquians.

Arlington is home to seven elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. This beautiful city also contains many destinations in addition to what's been mentioned including such places as: Menotomy Rocks Park, Robbins Farm Park, Robbins Library, Spy Pond Library, Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum, Henry Swan House, the Arlington Center Historic District, Prince Hall Mystic Cemetery, and the Uncle Sam Memorial Statue. The natural beauty here defines our great state and gives residents and visitors a wonderful place to enjoy.

When looking at the rich history and greatness of Arlington, The Fabulous Maid is grateful to be of service to the residents and businesses here. We feel connected to our customers and want to provide the best cleaning service for their residential houses, apartments, and commercial businesses. By discussing what makes Arlington stand out, we hope The Fabulous Maid stands out to you when you're considering a quality company for all of your cleaning needs.