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Customized house cleaning service for your home in Avon The Fabulous Maid LLC is proud to offer the surrounding areas around Avon, Massachusetts our wide range of residential cleaning services. Our goal is to provide each resident with quality cleaning that they can use anytime that they call. From taking care of all of a homes’ spring cleaning to maintaining fresh and clean carpeting, our team of professionals aim to please each person that lives in the home.


Avon, Massachusetts is a very small town that is situated on land that measures only 4.6 square miles. This information is based on data that has been provided by the United States Census Bureau. Of the property that the town is located on, a part of it consists of water (.2 square miles). So, it is important to note that a significant part of the residents that live in this area are located in the city of Brockton, Stoughton, Randolph and Holbrook. All of which make up the surrounding areas of the town. The history of this town back to the 1700 because this is the time in which people begin to settle there. However, its actual incorporation records only did not occur until 1888.


When the census was counted in the year 2000 , the town had a total of approximately 4,400 people. The make-up of this town is not considered to be diverse because the races are primarily white with only a few African Americans (3%), Native Americans (.92%). Asians (.77%) and so forth. Further, even though the town does not have a lot of households on this land, they have a family size that range from 2.61 to 3.13 people in each. The age distribution varies as well with most of its people ranges in the ages brackets of 18 to 24 and 25 to 44.


The government for this small town is vastly different from that of a large city. This is because the governing body only consists of a 3 person board and is called the Board of Selectmen. This board is responsible for appointing their town administrator who carries out all of its executive functions so that it will operate effectively and efficiently. If new laws are needed or required to be modified, the town people can accomplish what they need through by calling a town meeting that is open to everyone who resides their to attend. Similar to old town meetings shown in old movies, the town still functions in this fashion. Since the town is made up of at least 25% percent children, they are also equipped with their own school district. The name of this governing body is the Avon School district. Therefore, if someone moves to the town, they can obtain the information that they need through the proper educational administrator.


There are many different small towns in the United States and many of them are located on small amounts of land. The same is true for the town called Avon, Massachusetts since it only measures approximately 4 miles and has an estimated 4400 people who reside there. Even though it is a very small town, it has its own 3 person governing body and district school system. Therefore, the town residents and the surrounding area can benefit greatly from the services offered by Residential cleaning Avon MA representatives and their team of professional House Cleaning Avon MA crews.