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Best maid cleaning service near Belmont The Fabulous Maid takes seriously our efforts in offering professional quality residential house cleaning, apartment cleaning, and commercial cleaning services to this history-rich beautiful state of Massachusetts. By providing our service to all of Massachusetts we're connecting with 296 towns, 55 cities, and around 6.7 million people. In our effort to personalize this great undertaking we want to highlight one of these great towns by looking at Belmont.

Belmont is located in Middlesex county in the northeast part of Massachusetts. It's just west of Cambridge and is part of the Greater Boston area. This town containing 24,729 residents, has been a significant location in many ways. Settled in 1636, Belmont was mostly an agrarian community which served the livestock and produce needs of Boston. In 1859 the town was incorporated and named after a large estate, which was located and owned by one of Belmont's leading advocates and donors John Perkins Cushing. The land from bordering towns Watertown, Waltham, and Arlington was used to establish the area of the town.

The town remained an agrarian community largely until more modern forms of transportation became available in the early 1900s. This began Belmont's transformation into the suburban town it is today. The close proximity to Cambridge and Boston and the beautiful landscape and location, made this a residential town where many people of note have chosen to call home.

Some of the famous residents of Belmont include most notably Mitt Romney, Joan Baez (singer-songwriter), Robert W. Welch, Jr. (founder of the John Birch Society), James Taylor (singer-songwriter), and Carlton Fisk (pro-baseball player). The John Birch Society was based and founded here in Belmont in 1958 until it moved to Wisconsin in 1989.

Belmont is known to longtime residents as “The Town of Homes” mainly because of the mansion-filled Belmont Hill neighborhood, and because it's remained primarily as a residential town since the transitional growth of the early 1900s.


The town is comprised commercially by these three main areas: Belmont Center, Cushing Square, and Waverley Square. The civic buildings and town hall are located in Belmont Center in the middle of town. To the northwest there's the Belmont County Club, to the southeast there's Clay Pit Pond and the Fresh Pond (with a golf course of the same name), and there's also some other small ponds and areas of nature surrounding Belmont which it shares with neighboring towns.

One of the notable aspects of Belmont is the location of the Boston Massachusetts Temple of the LDS Church. Other points of interest and historical sites are: the home of William Dean Howells called Redtop, the Edwin O. Reischauer Memorial House, the Boston and Maine Railroad Stations, and the Wellington Hill Railroad Station.

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