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House cleaning services and professional apartment cleaning near Brockton

House cleaning services and professional apartment cleaning near Brockton 
The Fabulous Maid has found pleasure in serving all of Massachusetts with our quality cleaning services, and we are very familiar with the seventh largest city in our great state: Brockton. In our effort to connect with our valuable customers in Brockton and Massachusetts alike, we'd like to highlight what makes Brockton such a special place. The Fabulous Maid's professional residential house cleaning, apartment cleaning, and commercial services are proud to serve this fine historic American city in the state we share and love.

Most notably, Brockton is sometimes referred to as the “City of Champions” for many reasons, but most pointedly because the great boxers Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler are among many great sports heroes coming from this city of nearly 94,000 residents. Boxing being so popular in this great city could be because of the tough life required to live there, being ranked as the 41st most violent city in America in 2014.

Located in Plymouth county not too far from the Atlantic ocean, Brockton has the distinction of being one of the most windy cities in the United States with wind speeds averaging 14.3 miles per hour.

Brockton hasn't been the name of this city for relatively very long, as it has been renamed a few times since the area was established around 1649. At first the city was part of an area called Saughtucket, then was renamed by the English to Bridgewater until it was changed to North Bridgewater in 1821. The name morphed one more time in 1874, when it was called Brockton after a local merchant named Isaac Brock heard and liked the name Brockton while visiting Brockville, Ontario on a trip to Niagara Falls. Finally, on April 9, 1881 Brockton officially became a city.

One of the first and lasting purposes of this city was that it produced and manufactured shoes and leather products from after the Civil War all the way until the later part of the 20th Century. This industry was powered by the Salisbury Plain River, which runs along the city.

Boston is only 25 miles north of Brockton and Providence is only 30 miles southwest of the city. The Brook Conservation Land is to the northeast of the city, and at the southern area of the city is where the Ames Nowell State Park in Abington is located. Brockton is mostly an urban setting.

One of the distinctions of Brockton we can't fail to mention is the historically significant events which happened there concerning two non-related topics: Santa Claus and electricity. Brockton is the first place in the world to have a three-wire underground electrical system when Thomas Edison activated this on October 1, 1883. This led to other record events such as the first electrically operated fire station in the U.S., and the first theater (City Theater) in the U.S. to have electricity in 1894 when it opened. The other historical development Brockton can boast of is being the location of the first Santa Claus appearing suited up in a department store, namely Edgar's Department Store in 1890. In this vein, the city also broke world records by having the most Santa Hat wearers in one place at the same time in 2010, when there were 872 people sporting the red and white cap. Only to be outdone by itself, the city doubled the record in 2011 with 1792 people wearing the Santa Hat.

As you can see, Brockton is a fun place to explore even in our minds. The Fabulous Maid extends to the residence in this great city full of stories, our quality cleaning services for all your residential and commercial needs. Our shared home in Massachusetts gives us a special appreciation for the residents of this historic and beautiful state we share. We hope by highlighting some interesting facts about this great city of Brockton, the residents there will remember The Fabulous Maid for all their cleaning needs.