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same day house cleaning and commercial office cleaning services in Chelsea

As a resident of Chelsea Massachusetts, how many times have you ever had such a busy daily schedule that you hardly have any time to spare to clean your home? Yet, leaving the house uncleaned for days results in dirt accumulating in your home creating a very unpleasant environment. This might be very stressful for you. Well here are some good news; you need not to stress yourself anymore. From now on, all your house cleaning, apartment cleaning, and condo cleaning can all be done for you. All you need to do is to give us a call at The Fabulous Maid, give us an appointment and we will happily avail ourselves to clean your house for you at your convenience.

At The Fabulous Maid, offering high quality services at affordable prices and ensuring customer satisfaction is our mantra. Our team boasts of experience gained through years and years of engaging itself in such work to the convenience and satisfaction of our clients.We do house cleaning Chelsea Ma and apartment cleaning Chelsea Ma for all sorts of houses and apartments to ascertain that nothing prevents you from enjoying the exclusive services we offer. We ensure that we work thoroughly on all areas of your home leaving it as clean as never before. We provide both one time cleaning services and also ongoing cleaning services at certain intervals which are set according to the preferences and convenience of our clients(you).

Our team always operates on a flexible schedule and thus is always ready to respond whenever called upon by you ( even if it is on short notice) with punctuality always observed.Once our team arrives at your premises, our pleasurable maids first take note of your concerns in order to ensure that the cleaning is done according to your preferences and full satisfaction. It is after this that our team picks up its tools and engages in working on your home with utmost professionalism and thoroughness.

As our client, always feel free to leave and get involved in other activities as we work on your home. At the Fabulous Maid, safeguarding our clients’ home and their belongings when left under our care is our priority. We always make sure that all the maids who will be working on your home are trustworthy as we pass them through a vigourous vetting process that also involves carrying out expansive backgrounds checks. It is only those who pass that we employ and associate ourselves with, therefore, the security of home should not worry you as we work in your absence.

If you feel that the work was not done to your satisfaction, you can always contact us within twenty four hours of completing the cleaning. Our team, I assure you, will respond quickly and avail itself to check it out at no extra cost. However, i must say our maids carry out their tasks to perfection and hardly do we ever receive complaints.

As The Fabulous Maid, you can always contact us through the telephone number 1-617-929-500, our email address [email protected] or visit our headquarters at 925 Washington st, Suite 11, Boston, MA, 02124.