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The house cleaning professionals of The Fabulous Maid love to serve the folks in Dover, Massachusetts. Dover is a great place to visit and a great place to stay. This small New England town in Norfolk County is right outside of Boston, only 40 minutes from the big city’s downtown area. Close enough to Boston for easy access, but far enough for visitors’ and residents’ enjoyment of a small town’s quiet and rural atmosphere, Dover is an idyllic spot in beautiful eastern Massachusetts.

 Dover has more than 350 years of recorded history, and has gone through a name change in its three and a half centuries. Originally called "Springfield" during the era when it was unincorporated, in 1836 it was finally made into an incorporated town and named “Dover,” after the original home of the chairman of the town’s parish committee, an emigrant from England.

 Steeped in history as it is, the town has many residents who keep the past alive in the country’s memory. Taking great care to preserve Dover’s history, for almost a century the town’s historical society has maintained and preserved a Revolutionary War-era home, the Benjamin Caryl House, which it operates today as a museum.

 Dover has a rather unusual style of government that dates back to its incorporation, the Town Meeting form of government, which was granted to it by a charter. The town is governed by an elected board of selectmen, and does not have a mayor like many other U.S. towns and cities. The selectmen and voters of Dover officially meet in the town once a year for discussion, elections, and decision-making. Sometimes additional town meetings are called for special reasons.

 The climate is similar to Boston’s, Dover being near the coast. The Dover, MA area is warm in the summer, temperatures reaching upwards of 80 degrees Fahrenheit at times, and generally staying above 32 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Condo and residential cleaning is a service The Fabulous Maid team provides in Dover year-round, making it easy for residents to enjoy the flow and life of all the seasons there.

 A gorgeous area with deep agricultural roots, Dover has a rural feel to this day. Visitors and residents can still see the farmhouses, barns, and stone walls of yesteryear. The Charles River runs through Norfolk County and provides much beauty for Dover’s citizens.

 Recreational opportunities in the Dover area abound. Aficionados of many forms of outdoor recreation will find satisfaction here: there are places to go boating, horseback riding, and fishing. For those enjoying walking, jogging, and running, the area features about 2000 acres with hundreds of miles of walking trails. For those with active outdoor lifestyles, residential cleaning will be especially necessary—live life outside, and leave the cleaning to the professionals of The Fabulous Maid!

 Since the residents of Dover have such abundant opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, it is no surprise that many Olympians and athletes hail from the town, including two medal-winning equestrians. Dover has also been home to government officials serving the country in various capacities, as well as a couple authors and two actresses.

 Dover, MA has seen more than 350 years of settlement and dozens of generations growing up in its picturesque setting. If you live in the Dover area and are looking for the very best in residential cleaning, please contact the professionals of The Fabulous Maid. You will love our staff as much as we love Dover!