Green cleaning company in Foxboro for best housekeeping

Foxboro Residential cleaning rates and cost of maid service

Foxboro Residential cleaning rates and cost of maid service
The Fabulous Maid company offers cleaning service and solutions for residents within the Massachusetts state line. The have been recognized for offering exceptional quality service at unbelievably low prices. They offer also on time and ongoing services for your home and work place cleaning services. All these offered by credible staff thoroughly checked and afterwards trained in professionalism and quality. And with all these they are going the extra mile to ensure you and your family are safe, how? They offer there service using cleaning products that are non-reactive and non-corrosive leaving your home clean and safe.

Through fabulous Maids’ extensive coverage of the great Massachusetts state, there are now in Foxboro. Offering house cleaning Foxboro, MA through their exceptional staff and unique quality packages for home and families across the board. Through there 100% satisfaction guarantee assurance and their helpful professionalism fabulous maids are just what you need.

Foxboro is nestled at the heart of Norfolk County in Massachusetts about 22 miles from the city of Boston with a population of above 20,000 people. Hence fabulous maid are confident there is need for their services in the town and they can confidently they will reach their customers here as they have done in other places.

That Foxboro may seem like a quiet New England town nestled at the edge of a great state but it’s the opposite. Since its incorporation 1778 they town has seen tremendous growth from the development of settlements of the first people on the “Mayflower” to birth some of the biggest personalities in Americas history.

Some fun facts about Foxboro that as a customer of Fabulous Maids you would like to learn are; 

1. There are more than ten cemeteries in the town including one for pets, creepy right.

2. The Gillette Stadium hosted its first concert in September 5th, 2002, the Rolling stones, Licks Tour.

3. Over 16,102 people attended the NERelevolution game at the Gillette stadium, in March 12 2016.

4. The town was named after its founding father Charles James Fox who was a staunch believer in the British occupation of America until the Boston Tea party.

5. The singer-songwriter and actress Joanna Levesque or aka JoJo hails from the town of Foxboro.

6. The famous Orpheum theater was initial built and installed as a silent movie theater, but now it’s a concert hall that boost a grate repertoire.


The entry of Fabulous Maids in the area is strategic as they rotate there maid often in the town and across the state of Massachusetts. Services that involve residential cleaning Foxboro Ma especially that of Condo Cleaning Foxboro MA has been well taken up by the residents of the town.

Appreciated for their distinct and premier customer service by the residents of Foxboro, Ma. Fabulous maids will continue working closely with its resident to ensure that despite their expansion they don’t skim on quality or care for their customer’s home. That have attributed that their success to three key things; commitment, trust and hard work.


You can count on the Fabulous Maids for work that guarantees value for your money. Contact us today.