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Pro Cleaning Service and Service maid at affordable price in Framingham

Pro Cleaning Service and Service maid at affordable price in Framingham
Our five-star house cleaning service in Framingham covers residences and apartments all over the state of Massachusetts. We are able to offer the best residential cleaning services and apartment cleaning services to this great state. It is because we have a deep and continuing commitment to every community in Massachusetts that we want to highlight the spectacular town of Framingham.

Framingham is a town of over 68,000 people and is located 20 miles west of Boston. It was founded in 1660 by Thomas Danforth, and was originally called Danforth's Farm. Although Mr. Danforth did not want to incorporate, the town was incorporated a year after his death in 1700.

Before the Civil War, Framingham was well-known as a place for anti-slavery abolitionists to gather and rally. The rallies included such famous abolitionists as William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, William Cooper Nell and Henry David Thoreau. Framingham distinguished itself as the first town to organize a volunteer regiment of soldiers to fight in the Civil War. Today the Civil War Memorial and the Edgell Memorial Library commemorates the courage of these soldiers. The Edgell Memorial Library contains a 34-star flag that was carried through the battles at Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg and Fredericksburg.

Framingham's economy is derived mostly from office complexes and retail properties. This town is the location for the world headquarters of Staples, Bose Audio and TJX. One of its most notable business districts is called the “Golden Triangle”, which includes Shoppers World, a strip mall, as well as a collection of hotels, office developments and car dealerships. The Golden Triangle is one of the biggest shopping districts in New England.

The town of Framingham is also known for its cultural arts. It is home to the Amazing Things Art Center, the Framingham Community Center, and the Performing Arts Center of Metrowest. The Performing Arts Center teaches music, dance and drama to hundreds of students each year.

Probably the most important thing that the town of Framingham is known for today is its cutting edge heart and brain research. In 1948, Framingham attained nationwide recognition when it began a project called the Framingham Heart Study. Several participants in the study were followed over a long period of time to try to discover the factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease. The study is still ongoing and has become a joint project of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and Boston University. Over 5,200 men and women have participated in this study so far.

We are proud to be able to offer our house cleaning services to the historic town of Framingham as well as others in the Massachusetts area. Our company has a proven record of customer satisfaction, because we offer dedicated cleaning services for apartments and residences with products that are safe for the environment as well as for families, children and pets. Our employees are continually trained for the newest cleaning techniques and they use the most modern equipment, adding up to quick and efficient services for our customers. It is our hope that highlighting some of the important facts about Framingham has proven to be interesting, and that our friends in Framingham, both now and in the future, will call upon us whenever they need us for our cleaning services.