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House Cleaning Maid service for domestic house cleaning in Lexington

House Cleaning Maid service for domestic house cleaning in Lexington
For a meaningful amount of time, The Fabulous Maid has been serving the beautiful town of Lexington, Massachusetts. Settled in 1641, this town keeps on growing. According to the 2010 census, this town has a population of 31,394 individuals. Lexington is very rich in history, which is just one of the main reasons why it has been the center of attention throughout the centuries. It is currently the sixth wealthiest small city in the United States, and it is part of the Greater Boston Area.

Lexington is celebrated as the town of the first shots of the American Revolutionary War . . . to be exact, in the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775. Around this time period, Lexington was given the nickname of the ‘Birthplace of American Liberty.’ The very much visited statue of Captain John Parker and Hayes Memorial Foundation can be found on Lexington Common.

When it comes to its actual name, there a lot of different stories of where it came from, and thus, it has been the subject of some controversy. There are some individual who believe that this town was named in honor of Lord Lexington, who was an English peer.

One thing that has always fascinated people about this town is that approximately twenty percent of its current residents were born outside of the United States, which just goes to show how this place can make anyone feel comfortable.

Lexington is well-known for its many monuments, parks, and historical building that date from the Revolutionary and Colonial times. One of the most prominent historical landmarks in Lexington is the Revolutionary Monument, which is the country’s oldest standing war memorial, which was completed on July 4, 1799. There is also the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library which showcases exhibits on Freemasonry and American history.

Another popular site in Lexington is its town center. This is home to a great number of fine art galleries, retail shopping, and dining opportunities. There is also a small cinema to enjoy, Depot Square, the Minuteman Bikeway, the Cary Memorial Library and a lot of historical landmarks that tend to catch the eye of any passing visitor or resident. For those who like to be social, there is the Lexington Community Center which is a meeting place for this town’s residents.

There are a great number of notable people that came from Lexington and made it big, and thus, have been able to put Lexington even more on the map. Some of these individuals are Nicolaas Bloembergen (Nobel Prize winner in physics), Scott McCloud (cartoonist), Eugene Mirman (comedian), Russell Morash (television personality), Mario Molina (Nobel Prize winner in chemistry), Robbie Mustoe (former English footballer), Joseph Dennie (writer), and Dennis Johnson (guard for the Boston Celtics).

Lexington, Massachusetts has a lot of things to offer to the public, which is why its residents are very happy to live here. We at the Fabulous Maid are very proud to offer our cleaning services to them. For all of your cleaning needs in Lexington, feel free to get in contact with us!