Residential Cleaning services in Medfield

Clean Home with house cleaning maid service Medfield

Clean Home with house cleaning maid service Medfield
The Fabulous Maid LLC travels across many cities and towns within Massachusetts to provide a range of residential cleaning services. Situated in Norfolk County, Medfield is approximated 8 miles southeast of Framingham and 17 miles southwest of Boston, Massachusetts. It is home to 12,024 residents according to the 2010 census.


Dedham was incorporated in 1636, and the first settlers to relocate to New Dedham (now known as Medfield) settled in 1649. Medfield’s first 13 houses were constructed in 1650 and this vibrant city was later incorporated as the 43rd town of Massachusetts in 1651. Rev. Ralph Wheelock is said to be the founder of Medfield. He was its first schoolmaster at Medfield’s school that was established in 1655 - this school is now named after him. This town has a vast White race population that contributes to approximately 97 percent of its population.


Medfield has a Public School system, which was ranked as top ten best school systems in Massachusetts by MCAS. U.S News & World Report ranked it number nine in 2014. This town has one Private school called The Montrose School, a Catholic girl’s prep school, and has a total of nine Public Schools.


If you are visiting Medfield, then your trip is not over until you visit these nearby attraction sites:


l Kingsbury Pond


l Vine Lake Cemetery


l Peak House


l Episcopal Church of the Advent


Medfield has a lot of fun outdoor activities one can enjoy. You can opt to go hiking or biking along the natural trails. If you love to fish, then this place will not disappoint. It has plenty of fishing opportunities available to all. You can visit their art galleries and museums to experience their rich heritage and culture.


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