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Reliable and affordable housecleaning, maid service and apartment cleaning in Melrose

Reliable and affordable housecleaning, maid service and apartment cleaning in Melrose
The beautiful city of Melrose Massachusetts has since been an environmental and archaeological wonder to the citizens who have resided there. The Fabulous Maid LLC strives to connect with each city, as it brings them us closer to the residents, connecting with history , makes an individual appreciate it more. This is why upkeep and cleaning is so important, to maintain what has stood for so long and invite new ideas as well as innovation.


Environmentally, Melrose is known for its many ponds and streams. A serene environment, it was named by William Bogle, who came from Scotland. Before his suggestion the town was often called originally "PondeFielde" for the ponds, or "Mystic Side" because of it's location near a river named Mystic River. The reason William Bogle thought of the name was because it reminded him of a Burgh in Scotland that was hilly. The land was explored by Richard and Ralph Sprague in 1628 and was then made a part of Charlestown in 1633. Later in 1649, Charlestown was then considered separate from what is now known as Melrose, and was named Malden. In 1845 is when growth truly began to start in the town. Thanks to railroad building, 3 stops were created, causing workers to move into the area. Later, in 1853, the borders were officially created, and Melrose was its own town.


As the years flew by, the town continued to expand in population. Farm land became lessly wide spread as businesses were created and smaller homes the occupied less land. The major establishments came into action in 1873, the school district and fire department were created. In 1899, it officially became a part of Massachusetts long list of cities, placing its spot at the 33rd. The town received its first Mayor in the very beginning of 1900, Levi S. Gould. Since 1970, the city's population has slowly declined. A city of this historic standing should be greatly appreciated for this, as not many have enjoyed it's splendor. More tourists should come see it's peeking glory. April 1, 1982, downtown Melrose became registered as one of the country's historic places, the library also.


There are many things to do in this city for visitors and residents. Mexico Lindo is among the favorites. Located in Melrose's popular Main St, this restaurant continues to get rave reviews, priasing dishes from shredded chicken to it's many varieties of drinks. This restaurant is a usual stop by to eat or pick up food for many in the area. The Mexican culture is expressed with rich art on their walls and in the amazing food. Named a historic place, downtown Melrose is an attraction of it's own. Many enjoy Melrose Cedar Park, and take pictures around town. There are a multitude of things to do in the city and photos will look great because of the historic backdrop.


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