First Class home cleaning maid service in Newbury

Cleaning and Housekeeping for all your residetial and commercial cleaning in Newbury

Cleaning and Housekeeping for all your residetial and commercial cleaning in Newbury
For many who find it hectic balancing their work lifestyles with domestic work, itís your lucky day. A very busy work schedule means insufficient time to maintain a clean house. Unfortunately, a messy house speaks negative volumes on your personal image, ignorance is not an option. The perfect solution is to employ The Fabulous Maid in Newbury to do the cleanup. Our experienced staffs swiftly carry out their duties thoroughly, at an affordable fee.


Overview of Newbury Town

Newbury is a lovely town in Essex County, Massachusetts, USA. The town has a rich history that transcends back before European settlement. A native Indian village of the Pawtucket Indians once stood here. The town later grew gradually in population, agriculture and industry. Apart from shipbuilding several tanneries sprang up. As of the last census the estimated population here is over 6,600. Today Newbury is classified as a residential town.


The town boasts several spots where one can dine at an affordable fee. The town hosts the Plum Island Airport. This Atlantic Ocean town is surrounded by several marshes and protected land. . Parker River National Wildlife Refuge is here too.


There are a good number of higher learning centers here: North Essex Community College, Merrimack College, Salem State University and several others. Swamps, lakes and reservoirs exist here; Floating island, Quills pond and Parker River Marshes. The place has a vibrant atmosphere thatís welcoming. Lots of people are finding the place as a perfect place to reside. The town is not far from the city of Newburyport..


Your Trusted House Cleaning Service

One concern many homeowners have is if we are up to the task. When contacted, The Fabulous Maid cleaners evaluate your rooms. By this we determine how much effort and time will be invested per room. Our reputation in Newbury is solid and we do not take up tasks we are unable to deliver. All cleaners have been trained and possess expert skills. We only use quality grade cleaning products which are proven to deliver the perfect shine. Our cleaning services are versatile and flexible enough to fulfill several different tasks. We are capable of conducting an entire house top-down clean up, or a more specific room-tailored scrub. The services can be provided weekly or monthly. Custom scheduled clean ups can be arranged too.


Professional and Efficient Service

All work gets done neatly within the stipulated time. Our cleaning teams engage in specialized teamwork to give your residence a thorough makeover. The well-being of our customers is guaranteed through our use of eco-friendly sanitizing products. You need apartment cleaning services that has the reputation for providing flexible and versatile packages. Regular vacuuming may clean your home but still leaves around harmful bacteria. A specialized cleaner can sanitize your home in no time. Leaving your home cleaner and healthier.


Other service providers in Essex county are there. Picking the right service provider is the challenge. Always go for the service that invests a great deal in professionalism. The Fabulous Maid is your best bet.