Residential Housekeeping services in Peabody

Upholstery cleaning service and janitorial services in Peabody by best housekeeping company

Upholstery cleaning service and janitorial services in Peabody by best housekeeping company
Peabody, Massachusetts became a city in 1916. It is situated in the northeastern region of Massachusetts, in Essex County. Boasting a population of just under 50,000, it is named for the well-known philanthropist George Peabody. Most of its early income was generated by farming, until the area’s natural streams proved to be perfect for mills and tanneries via water power.


In an area of the country notorious for being involved in witch trials, the only resident of the region who is known for being put to death for witchcraft was Giles Corey. Following his death in 1692, he was buried by Crystal Lake with his wife.


Eventually, the economy that was supported by the tanneries collapsed with their decline, but the city’s reputation for the tanneries remained, and Peabody is still known as Tanner City or Leather City, thanks to its connection to the leather industry. The city bounced back financially by becoming involved in automobile and brass manufacturing. Other area attractions include Centennial Park , home to several technology and medical concerns, and the Northshore Mall. The city is also known for being the home of Brooksby Farm, a historic landmark maintained by the city. It is a conservation site and 275-acre working farm that is well-known and loved by visitors to the area.


Residents of Peabody enjoy a friendly, small-town atmosphere. With this comes trust in the community and those who serve it. Nothing is more personal than home, and hiring someone to clean your home is an important and highly personal decision. Whether you’re extra busy, have physical challenges or have a last-minute cleaning job, there is no one better to handle your house or business cleaning or maintenance in Peabody, Massachusetts than The Fabulous Maid.


The Fabulous Maid offers commercial, janitorial, residential and maintenance services to areas such as Suffolk, Essex, and Middlesex counties and more. We hold your home or business in the greatest respect. Our staff of cleaners is experienced, credentialed, and ready to meet your needs responsibly, promptly, and with the highest standard of care for your home, your belongings, and your standards of service are in the best possible service.


Our service is what you need it to be. We can be flexible to work around your busy schedule. Whether you need us once, weekly, every other week, or once a month, we’ll be there. We can also schedule for special requirements, such as spring cleaning, deep cleaning jobs, or cleaning to move into or out of your residence. Whatever the job, we have the staff and the equipment to handle it.


We will work with any size home or business to meet your needs. We also strive to be available to answer any of your questions or concerns about our service. Our goal is to become the top service provider in the area for all of your commercial or residential cleaning needs and to always provide the best in fast, thorough, ecologically friendly service, no matter what the size or frequency you require. ContactTheFabulousMaidtoday!