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Get quote for emergency house cleaning services by The Fabulous maid in Revere

Get quote for emergency house cleaning services by Fabulous maid in Revere
The Fabulous Maid is a fast growing house cleaning company in USA. They offer services such as maid service, apartment cleaning and condo cleaning. Their services are now available in the Revere City, Massachusetts.

The city of Revere is located in Suffolk County in the city of Massachusetts. It is approximately 8km away from Boston. The city was named after Paul Revere, a patriot of the American Revolutionary War. The latest census, which was carried out in 2010, showed that the population of this city is 51,755, with the population increasing notably year after year. The total area coverage of this city is 10 square miles with 5.8 square miles being land and 4.1 square miles being water.

The city was initially inhabited by Native Americans of the tribe of Pawtucket, who were referred to as Rumney Marsh Indians. Many inhabitants got wiped away by an epidemic in 1616. The remaining ones were very knowledgeable about the wilderness, which was yet to be explored, and they would help settlers who were struggling to survive. This place is historically remembered as it is where the first American Revolution naval battle took place.

In July, 2014, the city was hit by a tornado which caused serious damage to buildings, cars, and trees and led to a major power outage. This was the first tornado experienced in the city since 1950.

Revere beach is a major point of interest at the city of Revere. It is actually the longest existing public beach in America. The beach was initially referred to as ‘the people’s beach’ and was initially used by immigrants and working class individuals. It is sad to note that in the 1950s, due to negligence, the beach started deteriorating and by 1970, what had remained of it were just some abandoned buildings and honky-tonk bar strips. By the late 1970s, most of the surviving pavilions, amusements, sidewalks, seawall and businesses were destroyed by the ‘Great Blizzard of 1978’. This was once an areas for lots of fun and amusement featuring a cyclone, the Ferris wheel, Himalaya, the wild mouse, Sandy’s, racing roller coasters, countless food stands, ballrooms and many other amusements points.

After a major effort to revitalize the beach, it was officially back to operation in early 1992. The beach now boasts of restored pavilions, re-sanded beach, renovated boulevard and better housing units. Many people visit this place for a share of the fun every weekend.

There are many other places of interest which promise to increase the population of this city over the coming years. Some of these include:

 Church of Christ Immaculate Conception Rectory Mary T. Ronan School Revere police station and city hall The Rumney Marsh Burial Site The very inviting Kelly’s roast beef The Neccocandy company

Another attractive feature of this city is the well-defined transport system thanks to the Eastern Railroad, which was completed in 1838. There is also a number of public and private schools and so a good education is assured.

If you live or look forward to living in this fast growing city of Revere, remember to entrust all your cleaning needs only to The Fabulous Maid.