House cleaning experts and professional maids in Scituate

Specialized home cleaning agency the fabulous maid with professional housekeeping services in Scituate

Specialized home cleaning agency fabulous maid with professional housekeeping services in Scituate
The Fabulous Maid LLC is proud to serve our valued customers in the cradle of America, otherwise known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our daily travels through the historic cities and towns, that make up this great state, inspires us to provide the very best house cleaning services available. On that note, we would like to emphasize the beautiful seaside town of Scituate. The Fabulous Maid would like residents to know that we offer residential cleaning services in Scituate, MA, as well as in the entire Commonwealth.

The town of Scituate, MA was first settled by a group of pioneers from Plymouth in 1627. The famous William-Barker House, which to this day remains near the harbor, was built in 1634. Fishing was an extremely important part of the town’s local economy in the past. Although a small fishing fleet is still based out of Scituate Harbor, the town is now mainly a residential beach town.

In 1810 a lighthouse, know known as the Old Scituate Light house, was built on the northern edge of Scituate Harbor. It served as the basis for a famous incident from the War of 1812. Two daughters of the lighthouse keeper thwarted a raiding party from the British Navy by playing a drum and a fife loudly. This tricked the British into thinking the American Army was occupying the lighthouse, and they retreated. The event later became known as the American Army of Two, and the Lighthouse Army of Two.

Another historical lighthouse, known as Minot’s Ledge Light, is located just about a mile off of Scituate Neck. Other famous historic sites include the author, journalist, playwright, and poet Samuel Woodworth’s Old Oaken Bucket house, and The Lawson Tower, a water tower that is surrounded by a wooden façade. It includes an observation deck where you can view most of the South Shore of MA.

Scituate is a great place to visit with a plethora of things to do for people of all ages. Play a round or two of golf at the Widow’s Walk Golf course, or have an old school adventure on the high seas on the Lucky Finn Bugeye Schooner. Visit historical landmarks, or simply enjoy one nature at its finest in one of the many outdoor parks. If a day of fishing on the ocean is your cup of tea, there are plenty of charters to choose from, or you can simply relax on one of Scituate’s gorgeous beaches. There are also plenty of indoor activities such as shopping, restaurants, and a cool local bar scene. Some notable athletes were originally from Scituate such as Jim Lonborg, the Cy Young Award winning former Major League Baseball pitcher for the hometown Boston Red Sox, Ryan Whitney, NHL hockey defenseman for the Edmonton Oilers, and Bruce Laird, the former NFL football player for the Baltimore Colts and San Diego Chargers.

We certainly know just how busy life can be. The Fabulous Maid was founded on the principal that your time should be spent on the more important things in life, like spending time with family and friends. You certainly do not need to worry about cleaning your house. That is exactly why we provide house cleaning in Scituate, MA. Why lose time with your family when you could be doing some of the amazing things that Scituate has to offer. Leave it up to us to get the job done right the first time, and every time. Our staff of experienced cleaning experts are handpicked, and trained to be the best in the industry. The Fabulous Maid also specializes in commercial cleaning jobs, so please remember us when it comes to all of your cleaning needs.