Customized commercial cleaning in Sherborn

Newest house cleaning and office cleaning service in Sherborn for brighter and healthy environment

Newest house cleaning and office cleaning service in Sherborn for brighter and healthy environment
The Fabulous Maid is a quality residential and commercial cleaning service found throughout the state of Massachusetts. They specialize in customer service always making sure that the client is satisfied. The Fabulous Maid uses eco-friendly products, and their mission is to go above and beyond standard expectations. They can be found throughout the state, and they are honored to serve the residents of Sherborn, Massachusetts, a small rural town located about 18 miles from Boston.


Sherborn, Massachusetts

Throughout the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries residents of Sherborn were self-sufficient farmers. Apples, too, were a top commodity and Sherborn was once known as the biggest “ciderpress,” around. Later, cranberries would become a famous bumper crop for the small town. In the early part of this century, the city of Sherborn grew substantially, and it could soon brag of a new fire department and a skate park for its young people to enjoy. The city is proud of its volunteer force which dedicates itself to projects at the schools and parks.


Some of the notable places to visit when you’re in Sherborn would be C and L Frosty’s, a downtown diner as well as the “Heritage Inn” which was previously named the “Sherborn Inn.” With a population of just over 4,000- Sherborn has been able to keep its small town charm and friendliness.


Some famous people from Sherborn:

Cattle Annie –known in the old west as a female “robber.”

John Halamka, a well-known doctor, and innovator in technology blogs about his latest medical research, as well as his farm in Sherborn.

Stan McDonald- well known for his clarinet jazz play; regularly performs at the “Sherborn Inn.”

Sherborn welcomes visitors and proudly shows off its beautiful scenery and able residents. Likewise, The Fabulous Maid is a company invested in the community and provides customized cleaning for any needs. Contact them today to discuss all of your cleaning needs.