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Cleaning company in Waland offers maid services, housekeeping and house cleaning services

Cleaning company in Waland offers maid services, housekeeping and house cleaning services
Wayland is a town located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. At the 2010 census, Wayland had about 13,000 people. The ZIP code in Wayland is 01778.


Massachusetts is a state rich in history, and Wayland is no exception. It dates back to 1639, when Sudbury Plantation made its first settlement at the locale that would become Wayland, named for Dr. Francis Wayland, the president of Brown University (and a friend of Edward Mellen, the judge for East Sudbury). Mellen and Wayland were both benefactors for a local library that would become Massachusetts' first free public library. It opened in 1848 and remains a landmark in Wayland today.


Several notable people call Wayland home. Jonathan Papelbon, a Major League Baseball pitcher currently with the Washington Nationals but who pitched for Boston from 2005-2011, hails from Wayland. So does former Boston Bruins great Bobby Orr. Other notables include Academy Award winner Harold Russell, marathon legend Alberto Salazar, Edmund Sears (a minister who penned the lyrics to the Christmas carol "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear"), Johnny Most (the radio voice for the NBA's Boston Celtics), Aerosmith bass player Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler and Taylor Schilling (star in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black).


One interesting footnote to Wayland history happened in 2010, when flooding struck the town and left many residents stranded. The company Boston Duck Tours were asked to come in and help flood victims in the area make their way to dry land. Monsoon-like rains had hit the Pelham Island area of Wayland separated from dry land, and the Ducks (a hybrid car-boat) were asked to come in and carry people in and out of the neighborhood until the waters went back down.


Today, Wayland is primarily a residential community covering about 15.2 square miles of land. The 13,444 residents (as of 2010) live in 4,808 households (3,676 families). The median income for a family was $204,033 per year in 2010, with only 2.5% of the population living below the federal poverty line.


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