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Jul 17, 2014
10 Reasons You Can Put Your Trust in Us

10 Reasons

We understand that when you pay for a service, you want to get what you pay for. And we also know that doesn’t always happen. So we’d like to give you 10 simple reasons why you can be confident that The Fabulous Maid will exceed your expectations.

1. Not All Cleaning Services Are Created Equal.
Often, when you contract maid or janitorial services, you aren’t being served by a licensed business. With Fabulous Maid you can rest assured we’re accountable because we are a registered cleaning business in the state of Massachusetts.

2. Our Team is Made Up of Cleaning Professionals.
We hire experienced people and then we give train them to the level of Fabulous Maid services. Anyone can show up at your home or office with cleaning equipment. But we send you people who are cleaning professionals. You will notice the difference.

3. We Put Our Pride Into Your Premises.
Our golden rule is very simple. We ask ourselves: If this were our home or office, how would we want the job done? That means we clean with pride and we make sure that everything is left in its correct place. Our distinction is in the details.

4. Our Company Is Insured for Any Event.
Unforeseen things happen. But when they happen on our watch, we’re insured for them.

5. We Cover the Entire State of Massachusetts.
Take a look for yourself with our Mass map. 

6. We Have Virtually a 100% Satisfaction Rate.
We’ve measured it. And we are only 0.01% off the golden 100%. We understand that maid and janitorial services are not just about great image, they are about good health. And our clients appreciate that.

7. We Have Flexible Hours For Your Convenience.
The Fabulous Maid will coordinate its services to fit your schedule. Whether it’s housekeeping, move in/move out cleaning, maid services, or janitorial services, we’ll be there when you need us there.

8. When It Comes to Cleaning: You Name It, We Do It!
We offer a vast array of services, including:
· Deep Cleaning
· Regular Cleaning
· Commercial Cleaning
· Post-Construction Cleaning
· Move in / Move out Cleaning
… and much more. Tell us what you need – you can bet we do it.

9. We Use Eco-Friendly Products.
The Fabulous Maid is committed to caring for the planet and protecting your health. For these reasons we use environmentally friendly, no-harm products.

10. We Offer You 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our reputation is our greatest asset and we take pride in what we do. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with the service we’ve provided, call us within 24 hours and we will do the job again, free of charge.