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Price vs Health in Cleaning Services


Anyone on a budget knows that when hiring any service, cost is critical. And in this digital era where a quick web search produces thousands of results, how else must we narrow down this overabundance of information than by searching for the lowest price? 

 While price is undoubtedly an important factor, it cannot be the only factor when choosing a cleaning service, or else you may be putting your family’s health at risk. While the Internet has greatly expanded the market, allowing us to reach thousands of potential customers in just minutes, it has given cleaning companies the opportunity to sacrifice quality in order to lure consumers with a lower price. But just how do they achieve such a low price for what they claim is the same service other reputable companies provide? Here are a few things you need to know to protect yourself and your family. 

Legitimacy of Business 

Even though many of the online cleaning “companies” offer insured and bonded staff, this does not necessarily mean that they have actual employees. These web pages are often intermediaries between professional cleaners and their clients, and, in most cases, the hiring process is based on a virtual “interview” during which potential “hires” are asked to submit references, employment history and a background check report – that’s it. Just like that, you have a new “professional cleaner” entering your home, the most sacred of places, with no guarantee as to this person’s character or professional background. Some questions you might find yourself asking are: 

 Who trained this person to meet the standards of cleanliness? 

 What products will he or she use? 

Is this person who he or she claims to be? 

Is a background check enough? 

Has this person used these products and equipment (like sponges and towels) in other houses today or places that might be infected? 

Is this person a really trained professional? 

Who trained him/her? 

How can someone qualify that person is a professional over the phone and through a virtual interview? 

 These questions, among countless others you may find yourself asking, are vital to the health and safety of you and your family. Some people might think, If I use my own products and equipment, I won’t have this problem, but that alone does not resolve the fact that a stranger is entering your house without a local guaranteed office, just a webpage with a phone number that leads to an operator who doesn’t know this person either. Worse still, if you think you are saving money by hiring an inexpensive cleaner and then have to pay for your own cleaning supplies, not only are you spending more in the long run, but the products you buy are not professional quality (and thus may not be used according to professional standards for health). 

 Professional Quality & Disease Prevention 

 There are certain guidelines of safety and cleanliness that are entrusted in a professional when you choose a professional – rules like, Never mix bathroom tools with kitchen tools. When hiring from an online one-stop-shop, not only is there no guarantee that these safety standards will ever be met, but there is also no guarantee that the same cleaner will show up more than once – thus, the techniques, methods and procedures will vary from visit to visit. 

 When talking about your home, the most important factor is your health. So how do you know that a professional cleaner is killing germs or spreading them? Bacteria and fungus—Staphylococcus, E. Coli and Streptococcus, to name a few—are prevalent in most homes and will continue to spread and multiply daily without the right equipment. Proper sanitation and cleanliness will protect your family from the significant dangers associated with these bacteria. 

 The Fabulous Maid Difference 

 Our company like most established companies, hires real, reputable employees who must undergo a personal two-week training prior to entering any house. We conduct thorough background checks and drug testing, and all candidates must undergo an extensive in-person interview process. During training, we teach our employees the methods and procedures that must be used in conjunction with each specific product and piece of equipment. Before being dispatched to your home, each of our Fabulous Maids must check in with us daily so that we can be sure the person is properly representing the values and standards of the company. We offer a competitive salary, health insurance, Personal Time Off, paid holidays and sick days. Each of our employees is bonded and insured, properly uniformed for easy identification and equipped with non-toxic professional products for your home or office. 

 When choosing us, you can rest easy in that we do not sacrifice quality – in other words, we do not sacrifice the health and safety of our clients!