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Oct 21, 2014
10 most important points of a move out or move in cleaning

Move out/in cleaning

When preparing to move in or out of your home, one of the most important things need to do is ensure your home is superbly clean. The Fabulous Maid has compiled a list of the 10 most important points of a move out or move in cleaning:

1-Empty out all cabinets including those in the bathrooms and kitchen. Wipe out the cabinets, and scrub the exterior of the cabinets especially the knobs or handles.

2-After emptying the refrigerator and freezer, turn the cooling setting at a low temperature to reduce energy usage while it is empty and being cleaned. This also reduces the instance of perspiration and mildew. Clean out the fridge and freezer using an antibacterial cleaning agent. Allow to dry before adding food items to the units.

3-Clean the oven using a scrubber to remove all stuck or burned on foods.

4-Disinfect the bathroom in all areas including the toilet, shower/tub, sink, floor, walls, and doorway including all knobs and fixtures.

5-Wash the windows, on the inside, using a streak free cleaner to reduce glare.

6-Dust and polish all remaining wood work and furnishings, especially furniture remaining in the home.

7-Dust the walls in every room, making sure to remove cob webs and dust bunnies. Remove any thumb tacks or tape attached to the walls.

8-Scour the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom(s) using a disinfectant that will kill germs and bacteria. If cleaning a stainless steel sink, use the appropriate cleaning products so not to scratch the sink surface.

9-If leaving or using an existing washing machine and dryer in the home, make sure to clean these out. Start by removing any lint from the dryer. Next, wash the exterior and interior of the units, followed by a wipe down to remove any standing water that could lead to rust or mildew.

10-Save the flooring for the final step in house cleaning. Depending on the type of flooring, such as hardwood, carpet, stone or linoleum, your cleaning techniques will vary. Make sure to clean well around the molding and trim work. Considering everything on your moving to-do list, tackling cleaning is a substantial chore. Why not hire professionals who can handle the move in cleaning for you? Here at The Fabulous Maid we provide home cleaning services for the Boston and Cambridge areas of Massachusetts. Our maid services feature 100 percent eco-friendly cleaning services Boston residents have come to appreciate. Contact The Fabulous Maid today for more information regarding scheduling a move in clean for your residence.