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May 19, 2015
College Students Let Us Do the Dirty Work for You

College Students

Moving into an apartment for the summer can be exciting, but do you know what is lurking in those furnished couches, on the bathroom floor or in the radiator vents? Chances are, the previous owners didn't bother cleaning up all of their dirt, germs and grime before moving on, opting instead to leave all of it lying around for you to deal with. And while you could spend days on your hands and knees, scrubbing baseboards, floors and all the crevices around the toilet, do you really want to? It's summer! You've got more important things to do than deal with someone else's grime.

Thankfully, there is a much better option available: Call Fabulous Maid and let us do all the dirty work for you! Here are Fabulous Maid, we offer a reasonably priced, thorough move-in cleaning that is worth taking advantage of. Our cleaning includes: Deep cleaning the shower and bathroom Dusting and wiping the baseboards and radiators Wiping down the cabinets Removing cobwebs And much more! Here at Fabulous Maid, we understand that college students are often strapped for cash.

That's why not only do we offer our move-in cleaning at a very reasonable price of only $35 an hour per cleaner (including supplies and equipment), but for a limited time, we are also offering an additional discount as well: an additional 10 percent off for college students. Don't spend your summer cleaning an apartment you're only going to live in a short time, and don't live in a dirty apartment because you don't have time to clean. Call Fabulous Maid today and let our bonded and insured professional cleaners take care of all of the cleaning for you.