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How to clean Painted Walls

Michaell Rodriguez

How to clean Painted Walls

Causes for Dirty Wall:

Your walls get dusted from time to time. There are a lot of factors responsible for this dust and being dirty. Even our cleaned and washed hands have the oil and when they are placed over the wall, it gets dirty and we can see clear spots on the painted walls. Besides this, dust, smoke generated from cooking, stoves of natural gas and our sticky fingers use to look our wall dirty. Causes for the dirty wall are never ending. It is not now difficult to clean the painted walls and make them look again brighter and new.†

Clean Painted walls:† † † ††

To clean the painted walls, you donít require too much stuff. You will need a duster, 2 buckets, some pieces of clean clothes, cleaning solution, dry towels and rubber bands. Here are the basic tips to clean the painted wall. Always start by dusting the wall. If you donít dust the wall and start cleaning the dusted wall, then dust will stick to the painted wall. You can use vacuum cleaner as well for this purpose. Brooms or brushes have sometimes strong bristles that can scratch the wall. Some smooth cloth can be tied over it to prevent from scratching. While you are washing your walls over your height, water or solution dips down on your arms and moves towards your elbows. This is the most annoying and hatred feeling. You need to wear the arm protectors or wrap the cloth around your arms. Next step is to organize your work area. One bucket will contain the cleaning solution and other will contain clean water. Clean water is used to rinse the walls after you have washed them. Start from the bottom to wash the walls. After washing with the cleaning solution, wash it gently with the clean water. Then take the dry towel and dry the washed area. Then move to the next section of the wall and repeat the same process.

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