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House Cleaning in Winter

Michaell Rodriguez

House Cleaning in Winter

Boston is known for its slushy snow piles and frigid weather during the winter season. However, if you get past the cold by some simple preparations, this city blossoms with a sparkling range of winter wonders from concerts to special shopping events. Most of these preparations involve cleaning that should be made around the house before the cold weather finally settles in. The following tips will guide you on your house cleaning in Dorchester, Boston or wherever you are since winter is coming.†

1. Clean out the gutters

Gutters are an important drainage system that help water and debris out of your roof. Gutters protect your home from damage by ensuring that water does not settle which may cause mold and decay. Clogged gutters block the movement of rain and melting during the winter season leading to leaks in the house as well as damage to your homeís foundation and landscape. Now who wants to fix their roof during winter? I bet no one! So therefore, as the last leaves of fall are falling, prepare to grab a ladder and a garbage bag and go to work. Start with clearing everything from twigs leaves and mud. Check if all the downpipes are clear of any clogs by running water through the whole system. This will also expose any leaks which you can fix on time. In case you simply do not have the time to do this yourself, make an appointment with the fabulous maid at, a house cleaning service in Milton that can do this job professionally for you.†

1. Do some cleaning work on the forgotten hearth

Your hearth may be a distant memory since the last time you used it to warm up your home, but before getting those chestnuts ready for roasting when winter gets here, you have to get your fireplace set. Using a flashlight, check your hearth for sediment build-up, obvious cracks or even a birdís nest and clean it all out. From the outside of the house, check for crumbling mortar or broken bricks that may collapse under some weight from settling snow. Additionally, make sure that your dampers are clean, greased and it opens and shuts tightly. Clean out the ashes and consider having your chimney cleaned professionally at least once every year by a residential cleaning service. Now all that is left is stocking up on some wood and wait for a cozy season by the fire.†

1. Clean out the garage

I addition to your traditional spring cleaning, think about scheduling a fall cleaning tradition to for your garage before the cold sets in. Organize everything from your summer projects that you will not need and store them. Also remember to clean and store your gardening tools such as the lawn-mower, rakes, hedge-trimmer or just your summer toys further away and take out all your winter necessities such as shovels, skis, snow-blowers and sleds out and readily accessible. Set out gravel and salt containers, this way, when the winter hits, you will sleep warm, patting yourself on the back for a job well-done!