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A Clean House is an Attractive House For Potential Buyers

Michaell Rodriguez

Open House

So you have put your home on the market and hope to get top dollar for your property. After all, the location is prime, the neighborhood is great, and you've hired an excellent real estate agent to handle the sale. Unfortunately, all of those advantages won't help your house sell if the inside of your home looks like it's ready to be featured on a hoarding show, not at an open house.

Life gets busy and messy for everyone, but now is the time to make your house look the best it can be. Start with a major de-clutter, so that you can at least expose the surfaces that need to be cleaned. Also, potential buyers are put off by clutter. They also want to imagine their own treasured items in the living room, not your memorabilia. Have a garage sale and/or put your extra items in temporary storage. If you need help with sorting your home's belongings, many professional cleaning companies can provide or recommend a professional organizer to help you.

Speaking of professional cleaning companies, it pays to have professionals come in a couple of days before your open house to give your home a good top to bottom scrubbing. You may not notice the cobwebs that have collected in the corner of the kitchen ceiling, but your potential buyer definitely will. While the agent is showing them the custom cabinetry and laundry area, the buyer will be looking up and calculating how much they will have to spend to on move in cleaning to clear out your grime if they purchase your house. The ever-popular strategy of baking cookies to provide an inviting smell loses some of its charm if your range is a greasy mess. Investing in a professional housekeeping job will provide dividends for you as you proudly watch people tour your beautiful home.

If you have tenants who have occupied the property that you are trying to sell, a thorough move out cleaning is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Rentals can be hard to sell if the former occupants have been hard on your walls and floors. Although the former renters might have done a quick move out cleanup, their standard of clean may vary. If your home has been left in unsanitary conditions, you can deduct the cost of the professional move out cleaning company's service from your former renter's security deposit. This advice also holds true if you are advertising the place as an investment property for the new owners to use for income from rentals.

You may tell yourself that it doesn't matter, the new owners will probably change the paint colors and carpeting anyway so why bother scrubbing the walls and carpet beyond a vacuum and dust. It matters plenty, as the new owners may not have money to do all these things right away and even if they do, they want to start with a clean canvas. A buyer walks through, you can be sure their brains are spinning as they calculate move in the move in cleaning job they will need done before they can enjoy the home. Although the potential buyer herself may have six messy kids, she wants a fresh start in a clean residence.

It is an unfortunate but true reality that people judge you by the cleanliness of your home. Your real estate agent, in addition to the potential buyer, may not take you seriously about wanting to sell if your don't make an effort to show a clean, organized house. Real estate agents are professionals, well known in their area, and they don't want to put their name on a sign advertising an open house when the place is an eyesore.

Investing a little money on a professional move out cleaning will put money back in your own pocket when you watch your real estate agent change that sign in your yard from "For Sale" to "Sold".