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How to Protect Your Carpet during the Snow Season

Michaell Rodriguez

How to Protect Your Carpet during the Snow Season

When the weather gets gloomy outside, your carpet also stands to be damaged. Snow that is tracked in on shoes can easily mix with mud and ground into the carpet making it hard for carpet cleaning. The moisture also takes its toll on the carpet and at the end of it, you will probably be required to buy a new one even before winter ends. The good news is that all this can be avoided. Despite the blizzards, you can protect your carpet by following these guidelines.

Get a Thick Door Mat

During the snow season, you can protect your carpet by investing in a thick doormat for all entry points. Doormats made from natural fiber are effective in drying off shoes, and this keeps your carpet warm. Apart from these mats, you can go ahead and buy boot cleaners that keep snow out of the house. Remember, these mats are only effective if everyone makes it their responsibility to wipe their shoes before entering the house.

Take Off Shoes When Entering the House

Although using thick exterior mats keeps the moisture outside, it is likely that some members of the household will not wipe their shoes properly. When this happens, you have to consider having a no shoes policy in place. Removing shoes at the door prevents stains and excessive moisture from getting to your carpet thus guaranteeing it a long life.

Cover the Carpet

Children love playing in the snow. Apart from them playing, you will also need to go out and shovel your property, and when you come back inside the house, you will most likely bring in the snow with you which hurts your carpet and makes house cleaning quite challenging. However, this can be avoided by covering your carpet with a tarp so that it collects the excess snow from your boots and jackets.

Take Note of the Pets

Your pets will also want to have their time with the snow. Unlike the children, they do not know how to use the door mats. This means that you need to take note of their movement and clean their paws every time they come into the house. It is usually advisable to place a towel in the patio so that you wipe off their paws. Although this may be a tedious activity, it is worth your efforts because it will keep your carpet clean and dry.

Have a Mud Room

During house cleaning, it is easy to focus on one room that you know is dirty than having to deal with a stained carpet. A designated mud room can make this possible. This is the room where everyone will be required to keep their soiled boots, jackets, car keys, backpacks and virtually anything that comes from the snow outside. By containing all the winter gear into this room, your carpet and the entire house are saved from messes and all forms of dirt.

Always Be Prepared

Even after doing everything right, messes are inevitable in winter. This requires you to be prepared to deal with them immediately they happen. Invest in a hand-held machine that picks up water and ice before it settles into the carpet.

While these steps are important in protecting your carpet during the snow season, it is also critical to get it cleaned professionally from time to time. Therefore, go ahead and limit is allowed to prolong its lifespan.