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How to Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Grease Free

Michaell Rodriguez

How to Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Grease Free

Kitchen cabinets are critical for any kitchen. They hold everything important and also contribute to the overall visual appeal of the kitchen. However, many people are faced with sticky cabinets. This stickiness is brought about by accumulation of grime and can be very heartbreaking to look at. The good news is that when you notice this, you can always go for professional house cleaning to help you restore the surfaces, but before you even get there, below are tips that can also help you keep the sticky grease off your cabinets.

Clean Your Cabinets After Cooking

In order to avoid the grease, it is recommended that you clean your cabinets every time you cook. Although this many be a tall order for some people, it is the best option when it comes to preventing the sticky grease. New grease is easy to come off and cleaning the cabinets all the time prevents build-up. Wiping the cabinets with a clean cloth will get the grease out.

Invest in an Effective Outside Vent

The right outside vent will take most of the grease out making kitchen cleaning quite easy. Unfortunately, many people do not even have the time to check on this vents, leave alone installing a good one. Apart from just buying a vent, have professionals install it for you so that it is effective when it comes to keeping your cabinets grease-free. Given that you may have to spend hours cleaning the cabinets, then going for a good vent is worth every penny spent.

While cleaning the cabinets after cooking and installing a good outside vent can prevent grease build up, they are really not foolproof solutions. This means that after some time, you will definitely have some grease to deal with and below are some of the best ways of removing it.

Try a Mixture of Warm Water and Dishwashing Soap

It is very easy to deal with grease without buying the expensive commercial products available in the market. Warm water mixed with dishwashing soap is sufficient to get rid of the grease. This soap has chemicals that can easily break down grease making it effective for cleaning the kitchen cabinets. 2 cups of warm water mixed with two tablespoons of hand dishwashing soap will do the trick.


Vinegar is rich in grease busting qualities. Simply dampen a clean cloth with undiluted vinegar and wipe down greasy cabinets. The vinegar, especially white vinegar will break down the grease and leave your cabinets sparkling. After wiping, dry the cabinets with a clean piece of cloth.

Get Professional Kitchen Cleaning

This is the ultimate solution when it comes to dealing with grease and grime in the kitchen. Professional cleaners in Massachusetts have solutions that are tough on the grease and will leave your cabinets sparkling. Note that their cleaning does not just end there. They have state of the art equipment that will clean the floor and all other kitchen appliances.

The kitchen is an essential room where all meals are prepared. This means that you need to keep it clean and your kitchen cabinets sparkling. By embracing these guidelines on who to prevent and get rid of grease.