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10 Tips if your are Considering Getting a Roomate

Michaell Rodriguez

10 Tips Roomate

The cost of housing has increased dramatically over the years. This is especially true in big cities such as New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami. Rental rates and even mortgages are generally higher in these metropolitan areas than any other parts of the country. Since housing is so high in modern times more people are having a harder time affording a place to live on their own. People often use a roommate to help cover their living expenses.

Roommates are best suited for people who are moving out of their home for the first time and for people attending college. They are also best suited for single individuals that are having a hard time making ends meet. A roommate can even be utilized in some situations to help a person to build up their funds to make a special purchase.

Roommates are a great way to cut back on expenses and they help to save money but there are some drawbacks to living with other people. Problems over food, using personal items and overcrowding into another person's living space will always be a challenge for roommates. However, this does not have to be an issue if people are willing to establish and follow these basic rules.

Establish Rules on the First Day

A person who is seeking a roommate should explain the rules upfront when they are interviewing a potential roommate. This is necessary for helping people to understand their boundaries and what is expected of them. Establishing rules will keep most problems from getting out of hand and they should limit behaviors and situations that will cause roommates to split apart.

Use Caution when Selecting a Roommate

When you select a roommate you should screen that individual as much as possible. You should definitely interview that individual to get an idea about their personality. You should also run a security check and get personal references from other people. This will help a person to find the best possible roommate for their situation.

Be Upfront about Expenses

Roommates should be upfront about the expenses. Everyone should know about the amount of money they will need to pay out for their fare share of the bills. This way people will not be unsure about what the expenses will be. Expenses should be put into writing.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Roommates should hire a cleaning company to keep their residence clean. A cleaning company for college students should be used to keep a home in good shape. Cleaning in Somerville is just one place where a cleaning company would be beneficial.

Respect Everyone's Space

Roommates should make sure to stay out of each others rooms and to respect each other space. They should set up designated days for watching television or using specific rooms. Respecting each other space will help to keep problems to a minimum and roommates in good standing.

Always Cooperate

Roommate should always cooperate with one another. This way they will stick together when paying the bills and running the home.

Be Ready for Change

A one size fits all solution is not always the best approach for roommates. All roommates should be flexible enough to change and to alter their habits to live together.

Keep your Mess on Your Side

Do not allow your messes or items to spill over into the rest of the place. You and your roommate should always clean up after yourselves and to keep your space in order.

Make sure to Keep the Home in Order

Roommates should always work together with keeping the home in order and keeping things fixed. This way smaller things will not turn into big things.

Respect Sleep Time

Everyone should respect each others sleep time and keep their music turned down. This way they will not disturb their roommates privacy and peace of mind. Once again these hard and fast rules will help to keep roommates in good standing.