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Things to do Before Having a Guest at the House

Michaell Rodriguez

Guest at the House

During the holiday season many people are expecting houseguests. Friends and relatives come from all around come for a visit. There are five things that a person must do before they have a house guest.


When a houseguest comes to visit the home must be clean. This is one of the most important things to do. Everyone wants a clean home and the houseguest to know that cleanliness is valued. A professional cleaning service should be called to make sure the house is spotless. They will clean the bathrooms, and the hard to reach places in the home. This way the guest can enjoy a home that is nice and clean. The Fabulous Maid LLC is one of the best professional house cleaning service. Before they leave they will make sure that everything is in order and spotless. This residential cleaning Newton company will leave the home spic and span for when the guests arrive.

Have Extra Supplies

Even though guests do take the time to pack there are some little things that they may forget. It is wise to have extra personal care items on hand. This includes extra toothbrushes, a bottle of toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and conditioner, as well as deodorant. If the houseguest is flying in some of these items are not allowed on an airplane. This way the guest will not have to be embarrassed and ask for these items if they forgot to pack them.

Hide Anything Embarrassing

There are some things that a person may not want their houseguest to see. For example a person may be reading 50 Shades of Grey and not want their houseguest to see this book. Another example may be if a person has foot fungus and has the cream to treat it in the bathroom. Look through the home and put anyway anything that may cause potential embarrassment.

Fill Up the Refrigerator

After traveling the houseguest is most likely going to be hungry. Be a good host and make sure there is plenty to eat and drink in the house. A person does not have to go out and buy the finest foods. They should have plenty on hand to make sure everyone if full. Also check with the guests to see if they have any dietary restriction or food allergies. This way a potential problem can be avoided.

Make Room

When a guest come to the home it is important that they feel welcomed. They should have a place to store their belongings. Clean out an extra closet so the guest can put their clothing and suitcases in there. Make sure there is a place for the guest to sleep with clean sheets. They should also have a room that allows them to have some privacy. It is important to make plenty of space so the guest can feel welcomed.

These are just some things that a person should do before they have a houseguest. House cleaning is very important to make sure the home is clean and neat. A clean home is one of the best ways to welcome a house guest into the home.