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5 Little Known Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A House Maid Service

Michaell Rodriguez

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House Maid Service

 Our world has changed and it is near impossible to find time to clean our homes with our ever-busy schedules; that is why hiring cleaning service companies has become a priority. If you want to live in a healthy, clean, and fresh environment, then you need to find the right house cleaning firm that best suits your needs. With these services, you can enjoy a day out with your family and friends, and a guaranteed clean homestead and a warm meal when you get back.


Imagine never having to worry about not having clean clothes for work, or wondering how you will ever manage to find time to clean your curtains. Hiring a maid service is will take some work off your plate allowing you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.


There are a few things that you need to know when looking for housekeeping services


1. Insurance


This is very important. Accidents can happen to anyone. If a maid should have a minor or major accident when cleaning your home, you should be aware whose insurance would cover that beforehand. Your insurance might not cover accidents. Ensure the cleaning company has employee accidental coverage, which covers you, the housekeeper, and the company. Proper insurance is vital. Aside from liability, a company should have proper insurance that helps cover any damage to your property. 

2. Bonding


Bonding holds a cleaning service company liable for any stolen items in your home. Many companies are not bonded, meaning that if anything goes missing from your home, you cannot hold a company accountable for their employee’s actions. Just as insurance, make sure the firm is bonded.


3. Employee screening and hiring process


How do they conduct their hiring process? What sorts of background checks are conducted? You want to feel safe in your home at all times so such questions are necessary. Some key screening processes the employees need to have adhered to include:


- Standard background checks


- Credit checks


- Drug screening


- Professional certification checks


- Reference checks


- Criminal background checks (CORI/ SORI)


These are key requirements that you need to know about beforehand. All workers should have been tested for drugs and their backgrounds checked. It is always best for you to know whom you are inviting into your home.


4. Cleaning products and equipments


Most cleaning companies expect you to provide cleaning products and equipments. If they do provide these products for you, it is best to know what sort of items they use. Question if said products are safe for your children or pets and will they ruin your walls, floors, etc. When you hire a firm for apartment or condo cleaning services, you need to understand that the housekeeper provided will be keeping your home clean using the products available to him/ her.

Next is their equipments. They should be equipped with the latest equipments. Imagine a maid using an old, clogged up vacuum to clean up your home. This will only blow more pollutants into the air instead of getting rid of them. If they have a HEPA filter vacuum, ask for that. It is known to collect almost 100% of air pollutants, which are 0.3 microns or larger. If you suffer from allergies, specify what sort of equipment they should use.


5. Quality, guarantees, and satisfaction assurance


How does the cleaning company monitor their employees’ quality of service? Do they check their personnel regularly? How can you voice your concerns regarding a particular employee? And if you do, do they take action? How do they take action? These are just some of key questions you should ask to ensure quality service is provided to you at all times.


Another thing you should know is how versatile that specific firm is. What happens if your housekeeper is sick? Do they send another employee to fill in? How much notice do you get beforehand? If you do not want to leave a housekeeper in your home for long periods of time, is that company able to work around your schedule?


These are just some of the things you need to know when you are looking for residential cleaning services. Do not be afraid to raise any other concerns you might have. It is important to raise these issues before entering into any agreement.