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The Top Kitchen Cleaning Tips And Trick From Professional Cleaning Services

Michaell Rodriguez

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

How to clean your dishwasher you say? Yes Ma'am! Your dishwasher can get super dirty over time because of food build up, grease, and can effect the efficiency of your dishwasher. After a couple of months your dishwasher not only starts to look bad on the inside, and starts trapping water in the bottom, but it also starts to smell horrible. Today we take for granted how easy it is to place our dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and we expect them to be sparkling clean when they come out. We don't realize that for our dishwasher to be able to fully clean our dishes then we need to keep our dishwashers clean as well. I am at fault for this same thing as well. I recently cleaned my dishwasher, and you would not believe how amazed I was at how dirty my dishwasher was, but now that I know how to clean my dishwasher I will not let it get that bad again. With these 5-6 easy steps you can keep your dishwasher working the best it can, and also keep it looking and smelling amazing. I recently cleaned my dishwasher, and you would not believe how amazed I was at how dirty my dishwasher was. So let's jump right on in.

Step one: Pull out the bottom rack, look over the bottom rack and clean it if necessary. Check to see if there is anything blocking the drain on the bottom of the dishwasher, like silverware, cups, lids, etc. Repair men find some crazy things clogging the drain from bones to pieces of gravel. So get down there and check it all really good for anything that could cause damage to the drain, the pump, or our dishes.

Step two: You will need to place a dishwasher safe cup filled with white vinegar on the top rack, and nothing else needs to be in the dishwasher. Place the dishwasher on the highest heat cycle and let it run through. The vinegar will clean the grime, sanitizes and removes any odors. If you do not have white vinegar then use a pack of unsweetened lemonade kool-ade in the soap cup, but do not experiment with other colors because it could stain the inside of your dishwasher.

Step three: After you have let the dishwasher cool down, light wet a wash rag and wipe the inside of the dishwasher. The vinegar loosened up with grease and grime, but wiping the walls and the bottom of the dishwasher is an extra barrier in the clean defense. If you need a little more force then grab a Clorox wipe and/or Windex with vinegar and the added help of the products should lift the rest up.

Step four: Take the cup out of the dishwasher and sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the the tub. Run the dishwasher again on the shortest but complete cycle with the hottest temperature. This will help to get rid of any lingering smells, and it will also whiten the inside of the dishwasher.

(Optional) Step five: If your dishwasher has a problem with mold or mildew then pour a half of a cup of bleach into the bottom of the dishwasher and run on the same cycle as before. DO NOT do this if you have a stainless steel interior dishwasher.

Step six: If you did step five then I suggest wiping out the dishwasher again with a damp wet rag, just to make sure you get all the bleach out. We wouldn't want any bleach to end up on your dishes. So just wiping out the dishwasher with a wet wash wag should do the trick.

And that is how you clean up that dirty little dishwasher. I hope this helps with your apartment, home, and condo cleaning. The Fabulous Maid maid service is a wonderful company built to help others have a clean happy home. Please visit their website if you have any questions about this article, or if you would like to get a bid for cleaning on your home. Also read more kitchen, living room, your bedroom, kids bedrooms, and more cleaning tips and tricks on