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5 House Cleaning tips under 5 minutes.

Michaell Rodriguez

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House Cleaning tips.

A clean house is proven to induce positivity, reduce stress and improve the quality of life of the average American home owner. Majority of people think of long hours of hard work and labour when home cleaning is mentioned. It is simply not true. Home cleaning can quick and easy and under 15. Here's how to save time and still keep your house looking nice, fresh and tidy:

1. Invest in a doormat:

This is a quick and easy trick that will allow you to cut vacuuming time in half. Doormats are able to trap about 90% of the dirt that your shoes accumulate before you step into your house. This means that there will be less dirt inside your house and vacuuming will require less time than usual. Doormats are really cheap and really low maintenance. A good shaking for 20 seconds should remove all the dirt right out. Once in a while, toss your doormat in the washer and wash with cold water. Allow it to dry completely in fresh air and return it to its position outside your door. Want to cut vacuuming time even shorter? Leave your shoes outside and walk in with just your socks. Vacuuming will be a breeze when a lot of dirt from shoes are no longer deposited on carpets and hardwood floors.

2. Use a wet glove for hairs:

Is your feline friend shedding all over your sofa? Get the hair out quick and easy with a wet glove. Wetting the glove will allow even the tiniest hairs to adhere to it on impact cutting back the hours and hours you would have spent getting them out by hand or with a rug. Even better, you do not need to spend any more time after that washing the hairs out of the rug. Use disposable gloves and throw them out right after to minimize your time spent and increase your efficiency at the same time.

3. Leave your counter cleaner to sit five minutes:

You may think that this tips will only extend the cleaning time, but the opposite is true. Counter cleaners are built with chemicals to attack dirtied grease layer by layer. When you allow your cleaner to sit for a while, it has the time to eat through all the layers of dirt allowing you to wipe off just the residue after a few minutes. Many people begin wiping as soon as they spray on a cleaner which doesn't give it enough time to work. You will therefore find that you would have to expend a great amount time and energy in cleaning for less than stellar results as opposed to leaving the cleaner to sit on the dirty surface. Leave cleaner for five minutes to save 10 minutes of unnecessary hard work.

4. Put dirty plates straight in your dishwasher:

There are a lot of studies that have proven that pre-washing your dirty plates before tossing them in the dishwasher do not make them any cleaner. Clear of any leftover food and crumbs and deposit plates straight in the dishwasher to save your time and to get the same level of cleanliness. Invest instead in high quality dishwasher soap to ensure that your dishes and glasses get the best cleaning in a short amount of time.

5. Use old newspapers for windows and mirrors:

Do you find unattractive streaks and lint pieces stuck all over your windows and mirrors when you try to clean them? Combat this by using an old newspaper instead. Newspapers are disposable and will not cause streaks or shedding. Rub windows and mirrors in a circular motion with newspapers and cut down the time and energy spent in cleaning. Additional tip: You can use baby powder on your mirror to quicken your pace. The tiny particles will individual;y scrape off a little piece of dirt on your mirrors allowing cleaning time to be cut in half. Fold up a piece of newspaper and shake off about a teaspoon of baby powder on it. Lift it up to your mirror and rub in circular motion for a few minutes. Be careful with the baby powder as it is loose and spills easily and can create a mess.

Additionally, you can buy a plug in air freshener to keep your house smelling fresh all day. Fake flowers give add color and life to any living space without the burden of caring for them. Better still, air plants are stylish and modern and can be hung in any room to make it chic and also to eliminate dirt caused by loose soil. Cleaning and maintaining a crisp space does wonders on your mental state of mind and it can be done under 5 minutes by following the 5 simple steps above.