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Five Common Moving In/Out Cleaning Mistakes

Michaell Rodriguez

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Five Common Moving

 Moving can be a difficult task that most people simply do not enjoy doing. This is probably why so many of them make moving in/out cleaning mistakes when they do. If you're moving in Boston, chances are you too might make some of these mistakes. Below is a list of five common moving house cleaning mistakes that you should always try to avoid.


Five Common Moving House Cleaning Mistakes


1. Mixing cleaners: This is a common moving house cleaning mistake that people make and it can be very dangerous. Never mix any household cleaners even if you think they may be safe. In fact, if you mix bleach and acidic cleaner together the results can be deadly!


2. Using the wrong cleaner: Not all cleaners are made for all surfaces. You can really do some major damage to carpets by using the wrong chemicals to clean them. Also, window cleaner, if used on electronics, could destroy them. Only a professional cleaning service really has the knowledge needed to know which cleaners are safe to use on the many different surfaces of your home.


3. Underestimating the size of the job: Moving is a huge job all by itself. Adding house cleaning to that job will only make things worse. Moving alone can cause serious stress, so why try to take on more than you can handle? Even if you have someone help you with the move, a great idea would be to hire a professional cleaning service to take a load off of you.


4. Not cleaning deep enough: Moving in/out cleaning needs to be though. If you forget to clean behind the stove or under furniture that stays behind, you just might be penalized for it. When landlords and property managers inspect rental properties they often look to see if deep cleaning has been done. If not, they just might take part of your deposit.


5. You donít have the proper tools: When house cleaning occurs you will need to have the right tools for the job. If not, you wonít get very far. For instance, you need to make sure that the carpet is 100% clean. To do so, you are going to need a carpet shampooing machine. These can be expensive and even renting one can be quite costly. Instead why not hire someone that already has what you need?


Hire A Professional Moving House Cleaner


 A great way to avoid all of these house cleaning mistakes is by hiring a professional cleaning service. These companies have the knowledge and tools needed to get the job done right the first time around. No matter what size home or apartment you have, a professional cleaning service will be able to come in and properly clean it. You will never have to worry about getting your rental deposit back if you have a professional to do the job for you. Moving is stressful enough, so why add cleaning to the mix? Hire a professional to do the job for you and take the stress away! What are you waiting for? Contact a professional house cleaning service today!