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Residential Cleaning Services to get smell of a sparkling

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Residential Cleaning Services to get smell of a sparkling
Get smell of a sparkling

   Some people just don't have the time to clean up their house or apartment on their own regularly. Sometimes you just have so many work and family responsibilities that finding the time to organize that junk drawer or clean out the laundry room seems impossible. You know you don't want complete strangers cleaning your home for you, but such an eventuality might not be avoidable. This is why you need to find an excellent residential cleaning service with experience in catering to a client's specific needs. People are very specific about where something should go, which drawer the silverware is stored and which cabinet coffee cups are kept. The more courteous and accommodating a residential cleaning service is, the more you can trust them to operate independently the more often you use them. This is why our house cleaners at The Fabulous Maid have made us one of the most popular residential cleaning services in the Boston area.


  The Fabulous Maid provides premier residential cleaning services for homes of all shapes and sizes. Upon arriving, our pleasant maids will address your needs and concerns before putting their professional experience and tools to work. We pride ourselves in being able to address concerns you may have and we consult with you to give you just the personal touch you would want if you were cleaning your home yourself.


  Our service is built on a personalized approach for a customized game plan. Quality is our mission statement; we aim for no less than 100% satisfaction with every visit. No more having to look for the blender or frying pan because a lesser cleaning service put those items in the wrong place. Your input is a vital part of how we do business.

  You are welcome to stay while we clean, but why not go out for a cup of coffee or see a movie with a friend instead? You can trust the Fabulous Maid with your home and belongings, as all of our workers have passed extensive background checks and training. We only hire good, genuine people who enjoy sharing the satisfaction of a clean home.

  Do you have problem areas that seem to attract dirt or dust? Tell us and we’ll tackle them. On a tight schedule? Give yourself some breathing room and knock out a few errands while we clean your house. You work hard; that’s why we do, too. We want you to sit back and enjoy the comfort of your home, not wear yourself out over it. Spend time with your family, pick up a new hobby, or host a party and show off Fabulous Maid housekeeping to your friends.

  Put simply, the Fabulous Maid is the best housekeeper in all of Massachusetts. There may be a lot of pretenders, but no one can consistently achieve the level of excellence that we consider a standard characteristic of our professional service.


Residential Cleaning Includes:

-Entire bathroom cleaned, mopped and disinfected; faucets polished

-All floors swept, mopped and vacuumed

-All surfaces dusted and disinfected

-Cabinets cleaned

-Mirrors cleaned

-Full kitchen cleaning (counter tops, back splashes, appliances and oven)

-Windows and windowsills wiped

-Fingerprints wiped from all woodwork

-Linens and bedding changed

-Knick-knacks dusted

-Upholstered furniture lightly vacuumed

-Baseboards dusted

-All rooms sprayed with refreshing scent

-Trash emptied


Services Offered

  We can clean your home weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. We also provide deep cleaning services (which is especially helpful for a first time visit from us), spring cleaning (to rid a house of dirt or grime or dust that may have accumulated in colder months when opening all the doors may not be an option), move-in cleaning services (helping you clean a new residence to make it hospitable for your family as they move in) and move-out cleaning services (when you're don't want to lose that deposit on your old apartment for leaving it a mess).

  Our staff is dedicated enough and versatile enough to provide the right level of service to perfectly fit your needs. Whether you haven't cleaned your house in ages and want a fresh start or you are struggling to keep your home clean along with your other more pressing work and family responsibilities, the professionals at The Fabulous Maid will work tirelessly to help make your home feel sparkling clean each and every time.