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How important is to know the products of cleaning using the housecleaning services

Pedro Fernandez

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How important is to know the products of cleaning using the housecleaning services

Today there are many people who are often too busy to perform daily chores, this might be because they are having too much work or responsibilities, these are usually activities in the family but if children or are too small or are adults and are in college they do not have time to clean the house. But there are many companies offering housecleaning services which can be arranged in a very simple way either via phone, go to where the company is located or through the internet.

                                Why is important to know about the cleaning products used by the housecleaning services?


As is well known the great majority of cleaning products are composed of chemicals, which are often toxic and harmful to health if we are exposed to them for long or accident can be consumed, causing diseases, allergies, asthma or a pain headache, hallucinations, mental imbalances and liver poisoning. For this reason, we must be aware of the products used in cleaning our home cleaning services for households to avoid any kind of inconvenience occurs.

As you can see is very important to know the cleaning products used as if by bad luck spill over in the family, or are consumed or someone comes to have an allergic reaction that can lead to tragic consequences, so you should always request types of products that use our housecleaning services, to be aware and if it refuses is better to seek a new company since the previous may use highly toxic environmental pollutants or products.      


                           Reason to know about the cleaning products used


There are several reasons why we should be aware of the types of cleaning products that we use in the household cleaning services, whether for health reasons or environmental, some of these reasons are:


1.    Environmental: as you know some of the chemicals used in cleaning products such as detergents, antioxidants, degreasers or other, are compounds that eventually end up damaging our ecological system.

2.    Health: This is one of the most important reasons we have because if some of our family, whether children, wife, husband or other relative becomes allergic or one of these reaction products is not can cause death, or if ingested by accident can cause poisoning.

3.    Toxic: most of these products often have a variety of chemicals, which if used properly do not cause any problems, but if by accident one of these is combined with others can cause reactions such as hallucinations, loss of balance, fainting, if you are not careful it can have serious consequences.

4.    Durability’s: some of these products if they are spilled on a surface which is not specialized can damage materials if a clean toilet is spilled on the floor this may discolor or if be shed on a table end up damaging it or staining it.


These are just some of the reasons why we should be aware of the cleaning products used by cleaning our homes.


Symbols to know if a cleaning product is toxic


  1. Most cleaners have a symbol which indicates whether they are toxic, harmful or damage the environment, these are identified on the package or product package some of them are:


  1.  Very toxic: are those that when inhaled, swallowed or by a cut through the skin can cause acute or chronic damage, even death, this is identified by a T +.
  2.  Harmful: these at the moment of being ingested or eaten by accident, or through the skin often can cause acute or chronic damage, which can even lead to death, and its symbol on the pictograms in an XN.
  3. Corrosives are those that when in contact with living tissue can destroy them. They are usually identified with the letter C.
  4. Irritants: these products at the moment to be in contact with the skin or mucous membrane may cause reactions such as inflammation. On the label is usually identified with the letters Xi.
  5. Dangerous for the environment are those that affect the environment of an immediate or future way affect these is mostly because of a lot of components that form it. These are identified by pictograms with the symbol -N.


Therefore it is necessary to have knowledge of cleaning products used by housecleaning services or us, you always have to have some knowledge of them to avoid accidents.