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How to make a spring cleaning

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How to make a spring cleaning

Typically, each year at Easter, a spring cleaning is done. What does it consist of? For in deep clean the whole house. Today we bring you a list for a thorough cleaning that can help you get organized. As the first tip, you better start room by room, if not, it will appear that a tornado has passed by your residence and will discourage in your task.

1- First remove the curtains. I do not recommend that you put to wash until the kitchen is completely dirt free, as it is better not to hang wet wrinkle. Clean the rails with a damp cloth and dry them. Keep it up cleaning for all top of the furniture. Also, leave the window spotless.

2- Empty all the furniture. Take the opportunity to pull expired products. Clean them all   with a sponge and a dry cloth. Leave the furniture open for a while so it can dry and then order all over again. You might like to change some things around to vary the routine. Then it is the moment to use plenty of soap and water with a little vinegar or degreaser. Once completely dry you can apply a product that brightness.

3.-It is the turn to clean the oven, the kitchen, and the hood. Let the vinegar act degreaser or weakening the fat and then clean with scouring pad and blade if it were necessary leaving to dry before closing it.

4.-For this spring cleaning, empty the freezer. It's time to throw everything out of date and shabby. Shelves and drawers shake and wash them in the sink with soap and water. Also, clean the inside of the refrigerator and remove the possible pieces of ice that have accumulated. In the interior dry well to prevent moisture appears. Then clean the sink with a scouring pad and hit with an anti-lime and a brightener.

5.-The tiles require degreaser, water and soap. Try not to take too much soap will not let them opaque. And then clean it  with glass cleaner to leave them unmarked and shiny.

6.-Sweep and mop the floor and put to wash the curtains. According to finish the washing hanging them and leave to air dry. For the bathroom also we begin removing the curtains and window cleaning. Shake the window with a brush and then clean with water, soap and a cloth. Also clean lamps. Then get inside the shower and clean it thoroughly with a small brush, water and lye.

Use anti-lime and give shine to the screens. With a mop and bleach clean the toilet, sink. And clean the mirrors with glass cleaner.  Dry the entire surface. Use the small brush to clean the tiles with water and bleach. And finish drying. To clean the bathroom so it is better to leave some open window for bleach fumes and do not leave anything bad to happen.

7.-Then we will draw all the furniture in door; wipe them inside as in the case of the kitchen. Once you have been aired again put things pulling everything not use, is expired. Keep the order and organization. Finally, sweep and clean the floor. Hang the curtains when you finish the washing machine.

In the case of the rooms, in addition, we begin by the curtains and windows as in the previous steps. Remove) all the blankets that are no longer needed and go washing for clean storage. Then we will empty the drawers and furniture throwing everything we should. And clean up the interior. Perhaps this also is a good time to make a spring cleaning to your closet and decorative objects.

8.-Then we will run the furniture around, sweep behind them and clean the floor. When dry we will leave everything in place. Clean dust from all furniture and objects and clean the windows, television, and computer. Remember also clean lamps and mirrors.

9.-Change the sheets if you are cleaning the rooms to sleep. It is also a good time to change your mattress side, so it will last longer. Then vacuum all carpets. Then you pick them up and leave them to sweep and clean the rest of the floor. Following an order and having a list of tasks is much easier and quicker to clean as thoroughly and also you will get tired so much. Take it slowly, room by room and what you can do per day.

Think about what you have done and not what you have left or  it will overwhelm you.  Are you ready for your spring cleaning?