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How to make a good carpet cleaning

Pedro Fernandez

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How to make a good carpet cleaning

Do you have carpets at home? or you may be a fan of them and have practically covered your house. However, there is always a problem with carpets: give the residence a more intimate and elegant atmosphere, but it costs a lot to clean to keep it in good condition. Not only caught odors, but they are an ideal place to occupy the feared mites that produce allergies to our body.

First, you will need a vacuum cleaner you have to start with a really effective cleaning. Before placing any product, it is necessary to get rid of dirt or any remaining crumbs on the carpet. The second part is using a brush and soap:  I recommend with a large brush to remove all dust impregnated. Put a little soap in a bucket of water and begin to clean it up. You'll see how fast the dust starts to leave without any problem.

After using brushing with soap and water, it is time to think of a non-abrasive product that can be used to remove the most difficult stains. Currently, there are many stain removers on the market that are very useful in removing the filth. Otherwise, you're always on time to apply detergent. Brush the carpet again tightly, and spread with water to remove the products. The end effect will be amazing.

1. Cleaning carpets longhair

Both, children and our pets love it. That is why we must take special care to wash them more often and ensure that these synthetic strands do not fall out. They could eat them our dogs, or younger children, and have a serious problem. This is what we should do to take care of long hair carpets:

 For this cleaning you will need these simple ingredients:

• 50 ml of white vinegar.

• 250 ml of water.

Hit it to remove dust, hair, small items of trash or dirt on. Then, mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the carpet with this preparation. Then you just have to let it dry. Now you can do another thing at home while you wait for 3 hours at least to make the products works.

• The reason that we use white vinegar to clean shag carpet is because this product is ideal for cleaning, kill germs and disinfect. Do not be afraid of the smell of vinegar after cleaning, because it will not stay. By the time to dry, the smell will volatilize and everything will be fine.

• The amounts that we have are for a normal size carpet. However, you can calculate how much you need. You don't have to completely drench the carpet, but over spraying. To do this, first thing to do is hang it somewhere outdoors,  it would be perfect if you have a balcony or terrace.

2. How to clean a carpet that smells bad

Sure you have that older carpet, which always gives off a smell that makes the room like a neglected home. It is very annoying. However, there is a remedy that never fails and I want to show you how to clean it:

 You will use this excellent product: 250 g salt. The amount is approximate, so you can sprinkle the entire surface of the carpet.

It's really easy. It is interesting to know that salt is great not only to remove stubborn odors but also to remove stains and it is excessively economic. To do this, the first thing we do is extend the carpet and, as we have noted before, sprinkle with salt.

The next step is more complicated. You must go slowly rolling it, so it is very jointed and no spaces. Let work over a whole day. Then you just have to use the vacuum cleaner to take all traces of salt, dirt and odor.


3.- Remove the smell of smoke

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda all over the carpet. Let it stand overnight or more, to absorb odors. Remove the baking soda carpet, vacuuming. Use a cleanser full of white vinegar for carpet steam. Rent a vapor cleaner carpet at a hardware store or supermarket, if you do not own one. Open the windows in the room to allow the carpet to dry.

Clean the carpets, is a true torture. Generally adhere all dirt and dust from the shoes, not to mention, of course, the pet hair and crumbs odious. With these tips you can have a more beautiful and odor carpet. I hope it has been useful to you.