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How to Prevent Clogged Drains

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How to Prevent Clogged Drains

The houses are probably the most important location during the life of the people, in those places is where they sleep, prepare meals, socialize with the family, make parties and a lot more; there are a lot of locations in the house that tend to not be taken in consideration by the families, this is the case of the drains, that at first sight seem not relevant but fulfills a very important role within the homes, therefore in this article we are going to show how to keep the drains on the most proper status.

Some tips to prevent the clogged drains.

The drains are the area where the dirty water pass after is used, this is one of the most important parts if the house in spite of its size (usually is small); one of the greatest inconvenience that this area present is the clogging, therefore we are going to provide some very useful steps that work perfectly if we want to avoid the clogged drains:


       Check the drains periodically: this means that we have to check if this work in the most proper way, if the water flow is very slow commonly the inside of the then pipe is dirty, therefore the best is to clean it right away to avoid floods.


     Use a metal rack. It is very common to see in the drain a lot of hair, products used in the bathroom, or food; all of this tend to clog the drain because of the accumulation in order to avoid this, the best is to use a metal or plastic rack, this works as a barrier that will keep a limit between the pipe and the waste.


        Do not throw grease down the drain: all the types of grease that pass through the drain might stick in the pipe avoiding the pass of the water and provoking the clog.


     Clean the pipe every 15 days: in order to clean the drain prepare a mix of sodium bicarbonate, lime, vinegar and hot water and pour it in the drain; by doing this you will avoid that the drain clogs in a next future.


     Use disinfectant: in order to avoid the dust and the dirtiness in the drain, the best is to use a good disinfectant.


     Do not use too much detergent: the detergent is very useful but if is used too much might provoke a clogged drain, therefore this must be used with moderation in order to avoid it.


     Careful with the trees: the clogged drains tend to have many obstructions some of them are leaves if we do not want to see them the best is to plant the trees away from the drains.

  All of these are very good methods that work very well if we want to avoid the clogged drains in our homes.


 What to do with a clogged drain.

In spite of the before mentioned tips, there are situations when we cannot avoid the clogged drains, and become a headache for the people, but we will explain briefly some methods to solve this problem.

The first method is very simple and consists in the use of a plunger, basically we have to fill the area that we are going to clean with some water and then press constantly until we remove anything that is obstructing the drain; another method consist in the use of a plastic brush, that is very resistant and works very good if the obstruction is around the entrance of the drain, if is not the case, open below the pipe and brush it, then clean it with hot water.

Another method that is a bit unusual is the use of a vacuum in the mode of blow, turn it on and off periodically to provoke that the obstruction loose and be capable to remove it easily; another way that is very popular at the present is the use of a probe plunger, this must be used in the lower part of the dishwasher, the cable of It must be pushed and turned around in direction of the watch needles and the process will be complete until there is no resistance in the pipe.

Finally the last process for cleaning clogged drains is the use of chemical material, this tend to melt the obstructions in the drains, but not all of these are effective, therefore the best is to choose wisely; however, nobody wants to clean a clogged drain so follow the advice in the beginning  to avoid all the problems.