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Take into service a cleaning company to keep your business clean and orderly is not a simple task. So if you can afford it is the best option. In addition, the internet has revolutionized our lives and now to find a cleaning service is much easier to compare different prices to choose the one that suits us. Before it was an expensive thing, the fact that competition has grown makes cost more affordable.


Imagine yourself going a normal citizen, your walking like everyday and you pass by a really horrible looking building, all dirty, but this wouldn’t mean much since you just don’t live and don’t in there either. Now imagine that you get get a call to an interview for this awesome job in a well-known company, the day comes and you have got to get where the interviews are taking place.


Some people just don't have the time to clean up their house or apartment on their own regularly. Sometimes you just have so many work and family responsibilities that finding the time to organize that junk drawer or clean out the laundry room seems impossible. You know you don't want complete strangers cleaning your home for you, but such an eventuality might not be avoidable.


infografic: Your house is perhaps your biggest asset. Most probably, you worked so hard to obtain a mortgage in order to acquire it. More than likely, you take utmost pride in this place you call your home.


Because so many of today’s jobs are requiring more and more workers to give up their personal time to perform their job duties, the household chores are often going undone for longer periods of time.


For many of us keeping our house tidy and comfortable is a monumental task when factoring in our busy schedules. By the time the day is over the last thing we have time for is cleaning. On our off days, we don't want to waste our valuable spare time cleaning either.


Many people have low expectations when it comes to cleaning companies. They expect that the basic work is done such as mopping and dusting and vaccuming but the truth is there is much more to cleaning a home than just dusting and glossing over the apartment or house that is being cleaned.


Do you trust your house cleaning company? What happened the last time they came in for a seriously good clean of your home? Were you happy with all of their work? These are the questions you should be asking if you do not truly trust your home with your house cleaning company.


Scheduling in the weekly clean can be challenging for all kinds of reasons. While everyone has an individual routine to fit around work and family pressures, it seems that establishing a set schedule for your cleaning is an area that is tricky to get right.


You are moving and you start looking for a new home where you can relax and spend the rest of your life in carefree leisure or dedicate your time to work or graduate studies.Maybe you are even moving in to start your own family.


When it comes to house cleaning, Boston isn't exactly short on options. We here at The Fabulous Maid feel strongly that we're the best organization around for residential cleaning in Boston. We aren't just saying this for the sake of it, we have plenty of reasons for believing it to be true


Your house is perhaps your biggest asset. Most probably, you worked so hard to obtain a mortgage in order to acquire it. More than likely, you take utmost pride in this place you call your home.


The wonderful privilege of having your condominium cleaned weekly can free your schedule for the more fun things in life. Many people just clean their condominiums without going deeply to clean out dirt and grime that could exist and has existed since moving in to the condominium.


Because so many of today’s jobs are requiring more and more workers to give up their personal time to perform their job duties, the household chores are often going undone for longer periods of time.


Cleanliness in any workplace, office or residential area is one of the most paramount aspects. It portrays the level of organization that exists between the people that reside in it and their visitors or clients.

Over time, there have been numerous things people have said about residential cleaning that are virtually wrong in most cases. People have formed different perceptions and myths around these services so much that it has become difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.


"Yay!" you say when your offer gets accepted. You have bought a beautiful new house and can't wait to move in. Move-in cleaning will be a piece of cake! you think. Did you forget something, though?


Deep cleaning your home or apartment can be extremely taxing, especially if you already have a demanding career or you have a life that pulls you in many different directions at one time. Many people find it difficult to squeeze in a couple of hours here and there just to get the laundry done and make sure that the house isn’t a total wreck.


In these days of germs and dust it is hard to think that your house might not be clean enough for your family. The Fabulous Maid does a deep cleaning on residential cleaning jobs that will impress your mother in law. If you do not have time to clean deeply you can call our team out and expect the very best in cleaning from top to bottom of your apartment, house or condominium.


When hiring a maid many people focus too much on the money they have to pay for a cleaning company, entirely omitting the pros and cons of having your house cleaned by a professional.


When it comes to apartment cleaning or residential cleaning in the Boston area, The Fabulous Maid provides experts that can get the job done, no matter what.


Moving can be a difficult task that most people simply do not enjoy doing. This is probably why so many of them make moving in/out cleaning mistakes when they do. If you're moving in Boston, chances are you too might make some of these mistakes.


For most of us, if we think of cleaning a condo or an apartment, we envision wiping the counters with a disinfectant, vacuuming the carpets and a general dusting.

Hi and welcome to The Fabulous Maid, providers of cleaning services. We are sure that you want to wake up to a clean house every morning or retire in the evening to a sparkling house. However, this may not only always be possible; not with your 8 to 5 job, family and other obligations.


When a person is looking for maid and cleaning services there are some mistakes they make when they hire a company. There are questions that people often do not ask. Others do not take the time to properly research the company before they hire them. While there are many quality cleaning services out there a person still has to be a smart consumer. These are 7 mistakes people make when searching for a cleaning service.


If you don’t like doing your house or condo cleaning, hiring a maid service is a no-brainer. What many people don’t realize is that having someone to clean your house or office gives you a lot more than just freeing you from having to do it yourself and giving you free time during which you can do what you really like.


Most people live very busy lives. Between work, family, and social engagements, there is not much time left for anyone else. This is one of the major reasons that people hire companies who provide house cleaning services.


House cleaning services differ in the operation of their business and other details. Nevertheless, most reliable services have certain characteristics in common that customers can rely upon. Here are six basic qualities to look for when you hire.


Housecleaning does not involve any glamor. Therefore, sometimes it might be difficult to do it exactly when you ought to. How you keep your home clean has a huge influence on both your lifestyle and health because pests and germs thrive in dirty environments.


Some people love to clean their homes, but just do not have he time for it. Here are the top 8 Reasons Why You Have To Get A Housekeeping Service


When you first begin to look for a cleaning service in Massachusetts, it may be difficult to know where to begin. There are so many different companies offering different services. Here are 7 important guidelines to help you make the best choice


Our world has changed and it is near impossible to find time to clean our homes with our ever-busy schedules; that is why hiring cleaning service companies has become a priority. If you want to live in a healthy, clean, and fresh environment, then you need to find the right house cleaning firm that best suits your needs. With these services, you can enjoy a day out with your family and friends, and a guaranteed clean homestead and a warm meal when you get back.


If You live in Massachusetts around cities and towns like Boston, Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, Middlesex county, and points in and around the area you can have the best in home or residential cleaning from the cleaning specialists from Fabulous Maid.


Contrary to popular belief, regular cleaning and spring cleaning are not the same thing. When it comes to regular cleaning, it is not as thorough as spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is cleaning your home, from A to Z, which is why after it is conducted, people feel that their houses are cleaner than ever before.


When the winter subsides, spring enters at full force. It gets sunny, and a lot of flowers begin to sprout outside like there is no tomorrow. Spring makes people want to take care of things that they wouldn’t want to take care of in other seasons, such as cleaning.


A good spring clean up is a must, no matter where you live. For those in who live in seasonal climates, spring is when you open up the windows and let in the sunshine after the long, cold winter. Unfortunately, you may see numerous particles gathered from the dry heat being pumped into your enclosed areas. Humans and animals also shed more dry skin during the winter and dust builds up even in areas that you can't readily see when you do your basic housekeeping.


Whether you're moving into a new house that you want to renovate or you're preparing to repaint, preparation is everything. If you're fixing up a starter home or re-painting, you're of course going to remove all the furniture and large items to make painting easier. But is that all you should do? Would it be smarter to completely clean every inch of your living space or wait until after you paint so it's easier to clean up all the mess you make in the process?


You are probably wondering what you will do for your residential house after a few renovations have been done, to make it look habitable again. Well, construction has its ups and down, and mostly the only down part of construction is when the constructors refuse to clean up after a well-done job. The fact is constructors should clean the house after renovations. Most of the constructors will do everything to avoid that. It is upon you to choose a company that will do for you all the renovations work needed and leave the house much more better than they found it.


When you are ready to move into a new office building, it likely means that business is good and you are very successful. After you have signed the papers for the new office, you would need to pack up everything from your old office, and move it to the new one. Once the office is empty, you would need to clean it out. When it comes to the clean up, you have two choices. You can either have your office management team clean the office, or you can hire a move in/out cleaning company. Many apartment cleaning and house cleaning services Boston will handle these types of jobs. Of the two options there are more benefits of hiring a cleaning service.


While it's never a good thing to allow snow to accumulate on the roof of your home, a law passed in Massachusetts back in 2010 requires that all snow be removed from private property within six hours. Failing to remove the snow leaves the owner liable for lawsuits to any injured on their property be it a mailman or a family member. So if you're new to the state be sure to check with your local city's ordinance on snow removal before whipping out your shovel.


During the holiday season many people are expecting houseguests. Friends and relatives come from all around come for a visit. There are five things that a person must do before they have a house guest.


A number of people use craigslist to find jobs as well as advertise jobs. It is one of the biggest online networking places with lots of opportunities. If for example a person is looking for house cleaning Cambridge service, it is just a matter of going to the site and looking for people offering that service and then contacting them. But at the same time, there are so many negative stores about employees and employers found on craigslist. So before anyone opts to use it to advertise a job or a service, it is best to take the following pros and cons into consideration.


In the United States alone, the average person moves at least 11 times in a lifetime. With 40-50 million people moving each year, it ranks as one of the top five events that cause stress your life. The prospect of moving brings about anxiety for many people, whether it's for a new job or just starting over. This major life change can be exciting but overwhelming. One of the decisions to be made is whether to self-move or hire a professional moving company. There are pros and cons to both, and we will discuss both options in detail so that you can make some informed decisions.


Having junk around the house or even outdoors is definitely not a good look. It can make you look like you are a messy individual with no sense of the importance of having a clean home. Just in case you were not aware, if your junk consists of metals and your space tends to get humid from time to time, this can lead to serious health matters that can take you a couple of steps back in the health department.


The cost of housing has increased dramatically over the years. This is especially true in big cities such as New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami. Rental rates and even mortgages are generally higher in these metropolitan areas than any other parts of the country. Since housing is so high in modern times more people are having a harder time affording a place to live on their own. People often use a roommate to help cover their living expenses.


Carpet cleaning is not an easy task as it demands a lot. Even if you do not know how to go about it, you do not need to stress yourself because there are professional cleaners that can do that for you. Many homeowners for one reason or the other try to avoid the services of professional carpet cleaners, instead they prefer to that by themselves. While it can be a good idea to do it yourself if you were an expert, it would not be better because you would lose in the end. Engaging professional cleaners would be advantageous in the end because it saves you substantial amount of money, time and efforts.


Most people find bugs to be a nuisance or a problem. In order to avoid having pests, it is vital to maintain a very clean house by hiring the services of maid service Boston. Another option is to seal all access points such as holes and cracks in the walls or windows. It is vital to store your food well because since if pets smell things, they are going to stay for the meal.


So you have put your home on the market and hope to get top dollar for your property. After all, the location is prime, the neighborhood is great, and you've hired an excellent real estate agent to handle the sale. Unfortunately, all of those advantages won't help your house sell if the inside of your home looks like it's ready to be featured on a hoarding show, not at an open house.


Boston is known for its slushy snow piles and frigid weather during the winter season. However, if you get past the cold by some simple preparations, this city blossoms with a sparkling range of winter wonders from concerts to special shopping events. Most of these preparations involve cleaning that should be made around the house before the cold weather finally settles in. The following tips will guide you on your house cleaning in Dorchester, Boston or wherever you are since winter is coming.


Chemical products include a range of items for a range of personal and household cleaning jobs. These include adhesive sealants, plastics, textiles, agricultural chemicals, rubber compounding products and graphic arts products. They are widely used by companies that do house cleaning Boston, house cleaning Dorchester and residential cleaning Milton services. The question is, how safe are the substances that are used by chemical companies? To be more specific, are they exactly what one would call “eco-friendly” in the sense that they can be used without causing significant harm to the natural environment?

Having a clean home is something that is very important for one’s well-being. How do I know if I need a cleaning service? This seems to be the million dollar question. There are different things that can hint you if you need to hire the aid of this type of service (below).

Buying a home is a big deal for most people because home ownership is an important part of life. Homes not only provide shelter and protection they also represent independence and freedom. So, whenever a person acquires a home they usually throw a house warming party. When people attend a house warming party they should bring gifts for the affair. Here are 5 gift ideas that people can give to new homeowners that just moved into a new house.

Are you running a business in the Boston area? Are you sick of cleaning and making sure that your office or offices stay clean and fresh? You might already have been looking for a residential cleaning service in the Boston area for some time, but none of them has been able to attract you enough for you to hire them

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Do you want to keep your home clean and fresh? It's very simple and easy. Search for one of the best Residential cleaning in Boston to keep your house clean and fresh during a family gathering or a party. There are many services in Boston to keep your hones sparkling clean. There are a few things you must keep in mind before hiring a service. The first thing is the cost. You have to find the best service in affordable prices and also the one who deliver their work with good professionalism in their work. There are many house cleaning services available and the trick lies in finding the best service that suits your needs to the optimum.

Your walls get dusted from time to time. There are a lot of factors responsible for this dust and being dirty. Even our cleaned and washed hands have the oil and when they are placed over the wall, it gets dirty and we can see clear spots on the painted walls. Besides this, dust, smoke generated from cooking, stoves of natural gas and our sticky fingers use to look our wall dirty. Causes for the dirty wall are never ending. It is not now difficult to clean the painted walls and make them look again brighter and new.


Just as a clean home is important to the health of the people who live within its four walls, so to is it vital to the well-being of your pets. If you are like many pet owners, you might not give much thought to whether having a maid service out to your home on a regular basis is beneficial to your cat, dog or other beloved animal friend. Instead, you likely bemoan the fact that your furry pets often make it necessary to call out a Boston cleaning service more frequently because of the hair they leave behind as well as the dirt, mud and debris they track in. The truth is, though, that everything in your home -- including your pets! -- can benefit when you schedule a residential cleaning in Boston.

The Fabulous Maid, a Boston residential and commercial cleaning company serving all of Massachusetts, is donating 10 percent of its revenues to support free home cleaning services for women battling cancer.

May 19, 2015

Moving into an apartment for the summer can be exciting, but do you know what is lurking in those furnished couches, on the bathroom floor or in the radiator vents? Chances are, the previous owners didn't bother cleaning up all of their dirt, germs and grime before moving on, opting instead to leave all of it lying around for you to deal with.

Jan 8, 2015

Now that a new year is upon us, you might want to think about giving your Massachusetts home a thorough cleaning. While many people wait until the spring to purge their homes of unwanted items and conduct a thorough cleaning, there is no better time than the beginning of a new year to deep clean a home. After making the decision to perform a deep cleaning, the next step is to decide how to make it happen in the easiest manner possible. Here are some possibilities for implementing your house cleaning plan.

Oct 21, 2014

When preparing to move in or out of your home, one of the most important things need to do is ensure your home is superbly clean. The Fabulous Maid has compiled a list of the 10 most important points of a move out or move in cleaning:


Anyone on a budget knows that when hiring any service, cost is critical. And in this digital era where a quick web search produces thousands of results, how else must we narrow down this overabundance of information than by searching for the lowest price? While price is undoubtedly an important factor, it cannot be the only factor when choosing a cleaning service, or else you may be putting your family’s health at risk. While the Internet has greatly expanded the market, allowing us to reach thousands of potential customers in just minutes, it has given cleaning companies the opportunity to sacrifice quality in order to lure consumers with a lower price. But just how do they achieve such a low price for what they claim is the same service other reputable companies provide? Here are a few things you need to know to protect yourself and your family.

Jul 17, 2014

We understand that when you pay for a service, you want to get what you pay for. And we also know that doesn’t always happen. So we’d like to give you 10 simple reasons why you can be confident that The Fabulous Maid will exceed your expectations.