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Commercial Cleaning Services in massachusetts

Commercial Cleaning Services Include

Your office is not a place for clutter or dirt. Get the best commercial cleaning with The Fabulous Maid.

An office is no place for clutter or dirt.

If you’re running a business, cleaning should not be on your to-do list. But scheduling your maid, on the other hand, should. The Fabulous Maid will visit after hours based on your schedule for your convenience. You don’t have to miss a beat of your work when you summon the Fabulous Maid. Your customers will be impressed, and your employees will thank you for maintaining such a nice workplace.

We’ll tailor our service to your needs, hitting every nook and cranny with safe, eco-friendly cleaning products. Your office will be among the cleanest businesses in Massachusetts, all of which have one thing in common: they leave their cleaning to the Fabulous Maid.

Commercial Cleaning Includes:

-All floors swept, vacuumed and polished

-All desks and surfaces dusted

-Chairs and furniture wiped and cleaned

-Full lobby and conference room cleaning

-Deep cleaning of kitchen and recreation areas (tables, chairs, sinks, handles, cabinets, handles, etc.)

-Deep cleaning of restrooms (toilets, seats, handles, floors, walls)

-Soap and paper towels replenished

-Trash emptied