Green House Cleaning Products and Services

Green Options for Green Cleaning by The Fabulous Maid

You have decided it is time to give your house a thorough cleaning so as to spruce things up. Well it is time to call in best cleaning services Massachusetts has to offer. The Fabulous Maids is an industry leader in provision of commercial and residential cleaning services. We also do maintenance and janitorial duties. Our business is spread through our many offices in Massachusetts. O        ur company uses eco-friendly cleaning products in our client premises as part of our effort to combat environmental degradation.


Our Company Focus on Green Options

The focus is slowly shifting from commercialism to awareness about the dangers it poses to the environment. We have watched the great debate on global warming and a host of other environmental issues, the statistics look bleak. As a result many of our clients now prefer house cleaning products that are green. Their concerns however are not limited to nature alone, they are also looking out for their families. No parent wants to envisage a situation where the young kids are crawling on surfaces cleaned by toxic products. To prevent such unfortunate situations the company decided some time ago to adopt green products. We believe we made the right decision. Let’s examine some of the reasons that contributed to the shift in our company practices.


The use of traditional cleaning products led to strong odors that irritated the skin and eyes. The houses would end up smelling like pine forests or swimming pools. Now many clients would not like such smells in the homes. Some of the smells would lead to the development of headaches. By using green products the odors produced are minimal and in some cases hardly there. The compounds that caused irritation have been eliminated and replaced by harmless substances. Some people believe detergents that produce strong smells are the most effective. This is simply not true and experts in our team can prove otherwise.


Dangers posed by traditional cleaning agents

Contrary to what many people believe the use of hydrogen peroxide is not the answer to cleaner surfaces. The compound is touted as a green product and less harsh on the surfaces. If you visit hospitals the agent is commonly used to clean bacteria. Yet when it comes to your home, the use of this compound on the hands and surfaces may have the opposite results. Instead it may have negative effects on your physical health. The Company uses a green option that is more effective at destroying bacteria on the surfaces and body.


Some of the normal cleaning agents contain two harmful compounds. They are butane and petroleum. Both compounds contain toxins that are corrosive in nature. If they are inhaled they can result in long term effects that can prove costly to treat. Children and Pets are at more risk due to their playful nature and lack of understanding when it comes to such issues. If you engage our services, our cleaning products have both compounds in low levels. By Hiring us you end up saving your kids from harmful substances that may prove to be detrimental to their future well-being.


We encourage our clients to view the labels on our products and decide if they fit the green criteria. Any product he is not comfortable with can be withdrawn. An alternative will be found to continue the service. We sometimes use micro fiber products. They are effective in picking up germs or bacteria when cleaning. This is a far cry from spreading them all over the place. We recommend green paper friendly towels for our clients. They are more effective in eliminating bacteria compared to sponges. The Fabulous Maids understands that cleaning should not be cosmetic, but a serious affair.


Green Products being cheaper alternatives

Another fact homeowners overlook is, green products are cheap and easy to acquire. You can use substances such as vinegar for washing the windows. It’s a green option. A mixture of essential oils and baking soda is good for cleaning carpets and furniture. Green products are relatively affordable and our clients can expect our billing to be fair.


We encourage the people of Massachusetts to promote the use of ecofriendly products. We all depend on the environment and hence no effort should be spared towards protecting it. We offer green house cleaning at competitive prices. Call us for our services. Let’s work towards a common goal- a toxin free environment.