Biweekly cleaning plan for your home near your area

Disinfect your living area from bacteria by availing home cleaning service by The fabulous maid


If you are searching for a house cleaning company that offers a biweekly plan you have come to the right place. The Fabulous Maids offers house cleaning services that are tailored to meet customer’s needs. Our customers have different cleaning requirements and we help by coming up with flexible cleaning schedules. We offer the most affordable rates in the State of Massachusetts where our company operates. You can find us in any major city or town in the State.


The service is affordable

We have noted an increasing number of families prefer to have biweekly cleaning services instead of the one-time deal. Usually they want a cleaning company to carry out the exercise. Our biweekly visits are relatively cheap compared to a monthly visit or one time basis. We recommend this for families as it ensures you stay in a clean house all the time. Our team will also be able to do their work in record time. The regular cleaning leads to less dirt and grime and hence time is saved during the next clean up.


Use of the same teams

The team that carries out the cleaning exercise usually remains unchanged. The reason being they are familiar with type of service to be performed and the needs of the home. We ensure the process is efficient and time is not wasted. To make the process more inclusive, we value your input on when and how to carry out the cleaning. The services we offer are custom made to fit the budget each home has at their disposal. They are supervisors on our team who oversee the biweekly exercise and make sure everything runs smoothly. Any complaints or inquiries, they will address.


Effective against Bacteria

The biweekly schedule is effective in eliminating the buildup of bacteria and germs in the house. Places in the house like toilets, bathrooms and kitchen sinks are prone to micro-organisms. Our teams will do clean-ups of these areas using cleaning products that are effective in destroying bacteria. The biweekly arrangement is usually preferred by households that are particular about state of cleanliness of the home. Reduced levels of bacteria translates to low levels of illnesses and a general feeling of comfort. Anybody who visits will remark at how spruced up the place seems. Try and recommend them to The Fabulous Maids for a similar arrangement.


Use of Green Products

The biweekly cleaning crews will ensure you and your family are not affected by cleaning products. The Company uses green products that have low concentration of any harmful substances. Therefore the young children are not in danger when they are crawling on surfaces that have been cleaned. If you want the green option inform us and we will make the switch. The green option is cheap compared to the former so you may end up saving a lot. The biweekly exercise will remain on track and the use of different products does not affect the schedule.


The cleaning schedule is drawn up, taking into account what times are suitable for the family. We usually recommend a time when they are few people as possible around. It makes it easy on the workers. For their part, they will do a thorough and quick job so as not to interrupt your daily routines.


With this information you can decide on engaging our biweekly service. Once you have contacted us, the company will send someone over to assess the place. He will make a report and we will quote our prices. The price will depend on the budget you have for our services. After we have reached an agreement we draw up a biweekly schedule.