Get the Deep Clean Your Home Needs

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We recommend our deep house cleaning service for the first visit. Deep clean is also recommended before or after the holiday season and after a social event. The service includes all that we offer in the standard clean and other services mentioned here. The purpose of the deep clean is to ensure that your home becomes sparkling clean.


Deep cleaning involves thorough, complete and top to bottom cleaning which can be quite overwhelming for most folks. It is heavily tasking, moving all your knickknacks and moving furniture to clean under. The Fabulous Maid ensures that every bit of your house is touched. From the top of the ceiling down to the tiles on the floor. Everything in between is cleaned until it’s free of dust and dirt, leaving it shining as if it’s new.


Well, you do not have to worry about what happens after the deep clean. You have a partner in The Fabulous Maid with services on offer to maintain the cleanliness of your home and they are happy to share them with you.


The Fabulous Maid follows a systematic approach with laid down tasks to be accomplished while deep cleaning. These include taking care of;


Sleeping and living area

Our commitment is leaving you with an experience you will never forget. We guarantee quality politeness and professionalism during our deep cleaning service. This is achieved by ensuring that frames and doors are cleaned for fingerprints. Ceilings often attract cobwebs and dust. To avoid this, the ceiling fan is wiped and dusted.


In standard house cleaning, ledges damp and window sills are often forgotten but our staff ensure they are wiped well during deep cleaning. Nick-knacks are given special attention and are cleaned individually.

Dust and dirt on your furniture may bring embarrassment to you and your family. Dust may also lead to allergies so The Fabulous Maid ensures that during a deep clean they are well vacuumed. The deep clean also include vacuuming the carpet edges and areas accessible furniture.


Hallways and stairs are often forgotten during standard house cleaning. We ensure they are either dusted or vacuumed during the deep clean. The Fabulous Maid works on your sleeping area to leave it warm and cozy for a night rest by straightening and fluffing your pillows. Our staff understands the sentimental value of you pictures so the picture frames are well dusted and glass tables are also well cleaned.


Eating areas and kitchen

The kitchen is a sensitive part of your home where you prepare food for yourself and those you love. At The Fabulous Maid we understand that. We take care of your kitchen by disinfecting and scrubbing the sink. We clean inside of range and the grease filter. A particular attention is paid to the frames and doors to clean them for finger prints. Kitchen appliances like the blender, toaster, microwave and others are a cleaned and shined.


Our team will clean and shine outside of cabinets as well. Due to the sensitivity of the kitchen furniture they are hand wiped. Baseboards are also wiped to leave them clean. The Fabulous Maid ensures that you are not only comfortable but also enjoy cooking in your kitchen. By having the floor either moped or vacuumed making it a healthy and serene environment.



The Fabulous Maid has a couple of years experience working in the State of Massachusetts. Over those years we have come to learn that bathrooms require special attention. The deep clean service we offer gives extra attention to shower doors and bather room floors. We scrub the tile grouting and leave the door frames and doors clean for finger prints. The bathroom cabinets are also taken care of ensuring that the front of cabinets is cleaned well. Our team is professional enough to ensure window sills which are often neglected during standard cleaning are properly cleaned.


So if housework has taken the best of you, an occasion has just happened or one is coming up let The Fabulous Maid take care of your home. Your home will sparkle and shine at no time.

The Fabulous Maid has helped folks like you in the Massachusetts area when chores pile up. Not knowing where to start. Our staff is professional with proper training to ensure the job will be complete to your satisfaction.