Monthly Cleaning Service by Cleaning Contractors

Flexible and affordable cleaning house plan to give you best of the services and offer value


The Fabulous Maids has a special relationship with the people of Massachusetts. We are a company that provides cleaning services in major towns and cities across the state. We specialize in house and apartment cleaning. In addition we do cleaning in commercial facilities and local businesses. Each service can further be broken down into specific categories depending on our customer’s needs. The company has a dedicated team of professionals who have experience in the cleaning sector. Our goal is to continue offering good services to our customer base. In doing so, we are able to get new clients through referrals. In this article we want to show prospective clients, the merits of cleaning services compared to conventional house cleaning.


Why Should I hire a cleaning service?

If you are a working person, cleaning the house can be a tedious duty. A reason can be you don’t have the time to engage in the activity. You leave the work place late and when you reach home you are exhausted. You want to take it easy and not bothered by tidying up the place. One reason people are hesitant to contact is, they worry what effect it would have on their tight budgets. If that is the case then you are better off doing the cleaning yourself. Yet the question remains is it really worth the effort and time? One problem personal cleaning may pose is setting a date for the exercise. Now remember you hardly have time for other house chores. How do you squeeze it into an already packed schedule? Wouldn’t you rather spend the time relaxing or bonding with the family?


Merits of hiring a cleaning service

Hiring a cleaning service can be the smartest move you make. For one you will have enough time at your disposal for productive pursuits. Second you are assured the cleaning will be thorough and perfect. Our workers are trained in the best cleaning practices. They are many cleaning services out there offering different deals. The following are reasons why The Fabulous Maids is above the competition. Examine them and decide if it’s worth giving us call.

We pride ourselves on being professional in the provision of cleaning services. Our staff at the contact center are ready to process your request promptly, and forward them to the field teams. Our teams quickly organize days; with the client’s approval, to visit the homes and carry out an assessment. Our staff are ready to answer any of your inquiries. The workers who do the cleaning are courteous and respect the privacy of your home. We strive to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.


Flexible Services

Our services are flexible. They are tailor made to fit our client’s needs. For instance house cleaning entails rug cleaning and carpet cleaning in addition to the general exercise. As part of our apartment cleaning package, we offer cleaning when moving out or into an apartment. This is termed as end tenancy cleaning. We do not generalize our domestic services, instead we differentiate them. It is not enough to offer people cleaning services, you must go the extra mile and make it special.


The Fabulous Maids uses safe cleaning products. It is a fact that harsh cleaning agents are responsible for tearing fabrics. They also make surfaces appear dull. To avoid such a situation, the company uses organic products. The products are derived from natural components and hence pose little threat to your surfaces and health. We have the option where a customer can pick green cleaning services. The company is sensitive towards preservation of the environment and green cleaning is our solution. Ultimately we plan on ensuring every aspect of our business is environmentally safe.


The services we offer are of the highest quality. How do you go about determining quality? In our case it’s simple. First all our staff have undergone extensive training in domestic cleaning. Second we are experienced in the sector due to our many years of operation in Massachusetts. Rest be assured you are in safe hands.


If you want to gauge our services you can obtain a list of referees from us and ask them about their experience. You will be pleased to note we send the same cleaner for cleaning services in the homes. This way less time is wasted as he is familiar with requirement of the house. He understands the best way to do cleaning in the residence. Hire us today for monthly cleaning of the home.