Move out cleaning on offices, houses, condos & apartments

Avail best house cleaning deal in town with move out cleaning offered by The fabulous maid


We perform move out cleaning on offices, houses, condos and apartments. Go ahead and sell or rent your place without much stress and entrust The Fabulous Maids to set it in a clean state.


Move Out Cleaning Service Packages

Every Room: This involves a thorough house cleaning. Dusting of window sills, picture frames, shelves, furniture, lamps, doors and baseboards. Vacuuming with a high filter machine. Floors are washed thoroughly and carpets vacuumed. All dumping containers and waste baskets are emptied.


The Kitchen: A top-down cleaning of the appliances, chairs, tables and sinks. Counters are sanitized and scrubbed; same for back splashes and sinks. Part with an additional small fee for more intense cleaning.

Living room: Furniture around is wiped and dusted. Your carpet and area rugs undergo vacuum cleaning. Wooden floors undergo washing.


Dining Room: Most furniture include wooden tables and glass. The area rugs and carpets are vacuumed.

Bedrooms: Includes night tables, mirrors, lamps and dressers. Your bed linens and launder can be changed too on request.


Bathrooms: Showers, cabinets, bathtubs, sinks, toilets and sinks are cleaned, disinfected and deodorized.


Hallways: The baseboards are all wiped down. Any fingerprints within are removed from the switch plates, door frames and woodwork. The floors are washed. Customize your cleaning today.


Benefits of the Move out Cleaning

Relocating from your home is quite stressful. There is a shortage in time between works to get your cleaning done. Whether you own or rent a home, leaving a good impression for the new arrivals is paramount. Cleaning the place can be tedious or you may not be willing to go through the trouble. Consider a professional service to have this done for you.

The Fabulous Maid takes care of all deep cleaning tasks required to maintain a sparkling clean home. Move out cleaning covers all routine cleaning, deep cleaning of appliances such as ovens, ceiling fans, refrigerators, drawers and cabinets. For those renting a place, we are best suited to cover all your cleaning needs. Our teams work flexibly to meet any time specifications that suit both parties.


Move Out Cleaning

The Fabulous Maid is your top cleaning service in Massachusetts. While preparing your home for takeover by a buyer or another resident, we offer the best move out cleaning. We have extensive market experience and know what is required of us to restore your home to transform the home. We know what new homeowners look for in a home when it comes to hygiene. If you do not have time to do the cleaning right, we’ll come to your rescue. In no time the place will be transformed into its original state.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have an opportunity to maintain a clean healthy home year-round whether or not you may be around. Our cleaning is delivered by highly experienced hands. If you are not at peace with the current state of your home, contact the fabulous Maid. Our staff come with all necessary equipment. Solutions and supplies for transforming your place. All we might require is you leave your water and electricity turned on. If either of the two are not available, notify us in advance to bring our own. It’s advisable to go for our packages which are more cost effective. Internal policy demands we conduct a 100% quality guarantee to all customers. Only after the work has been satisfactorily completed do we collect payment.


Professional team

At The Fabulous Maid, we take our staff through vigorous training. Before the training all shortlisted applicants into our maid program are seriously vetted. We only employ individuals with sound backgrounds. The quality of our staff directly translates to the quality of service you shall receive. Equipped with modern cleaning tools and know-how, they can transform your home and business. Finding someone to entrust with the safety of your home is difficult.