Move in cleaning service for life in a new house

Try now move in cleaning service for shifting to new home


The Fabulous Maid is the leading maid and house cleaning experts in Massachusetts. We offer move in cleaning services which cover everything involved in routine cleaning and much more. Before checking into a new home, hiring a professional service to do the sanitizing is helpful. Our reputation for providing top quality cleaning services and customer experience is well known. For those who have a difficult time

Why go for Move in cleaning? New homes may contain dirt and odors which the previous tenants and owners. Before the maids arrive you will perform the cleaning. When clean and hygienic your new place will start feeling like home.


Benefits of Move-in Cleaning

Your home will be given a top-down clean up. Bathrooms, bedrooms kitchen and dining rooms all remain clean. Our move in package comes with detailed, heavy duty, top bottom interior clean up. The move-in clean services are performed at your house, apartment, office and condo. The Fabulous Maid know how to get everything done on time. Our maids are expertly trained to access every room first then break into teams that give the entire place a thorough makeover. When the home has been subjected to professional cleaning, you focus more on fundamental tasks which ensure a clean, safe and beautiful home. You just don’t trust the standards of cleaning and disinfection the previous owners had before they left, what’s the best way to go about it? Hire a trusted company like The Fabulous Maid to disinfect and sanitize the entire home.


Cleaning Service Quote

Before moving out of your home there are a lot of things to concern yourself with. There are several other items you can attend to which are time-consuming. The Fabulous Maid service has lessened the load experienced by families. Our services are available in most urban centers in Massachusetts. Request for an estimate when if you desire to have a move-in clean-up. Contact us either through email or phone call. We will give you an instant reply.


Cleaning Activities Offered Under Move In

The Bedrooms: Carpets are edged and vacuumed. Furniture, baseboards, knickknacks are dusted. The window tracks, panes, stairs and windows are dusted. The floors are vacuum cleaned then mopped or scrubbed and dried out. After removing cobwebs make your beds.


The Bathrooms: The bathtubs, tile walls, shower doors and shower are cleaned with sanitizers for disinfection purposes. The carpets here are vacuumed. Windows, baseboards, mirrors are either cleaned or wiped down. The floors, toilets and sinks undergo disinfection too after being washed. All chrome fixtures, cabinets are wiped while cobwebs destroyed too.


Kitchen: The kitchen is of prime importance as it forms the breadbasket of your home. Our focus here is vigorous. Sinks are scrubbed and disinfected. Baseboards and windows, counter-top appliances and the refrigerator are wiped or cleaned depending on their sensitivity to water. The exterior and interior of cabinets, microwave and other larger appliances could do with a good cleanup. Tables and chairs can be simply cleaned. After the floors have been vacuumed they are mopped. A thorough dusting and emptying the trash might sum up the work here.


Additional Services: Most of the extra services feature under the custom-service section, where the customer requests for certain tasks to be performed.


100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Setting up into a new domicile right from the start can be hard when the place is not clean enough. Imagining bending over to wipe and sweep counters when someone can do it for you at a small fee. The Fabulous Maid ensure every surface in the home is shining clean. Unloading your van will be easy as you set your furniture right into permanent spots.


What makes us leaders in the market? The Fabulous Maid offers a new approach to cleaning. We understand how much you desire move into a place that does not pose a health risk to your family. We conduct our cleaning with care to ensure all your possessions are safeguarded. After several years of expertise in the industry our aim is to maintain our target customer base within Massachusetts. The home and office cleaning market within the state is competitive. To distinguish ourselves from the rest, we invest a great deal of our time and energy in providing interpersonal services. This technique is responsible for our high retention rate of customers