One time cleaning offer for full house cleaning

Try now The Fabulous Maid's best offer for one time including full home cleaning to enjoy healthy environment

Are you planning for a special event? Without a doubt that comes with a lot of work. We are sure that your plate is already full with all the planning involved. So you need a team of professionals to help you with the house cleaning. We have experience working in the entire state of Massachusetts offering one time cleaning services. Partnering with families to ensure their homes are ready for special events such as birthday parties, weddings, holiday parties, cook out or graduation.


The Fabulous Maid also provides one time cleaning when injury or illness has prevented you from carrying out your normal house cleaning. Thinking of a gift? One time cleaning can be a gift to your friend, colleague or family which of course will be a big surprise to them.


You do not have to worry about obligations and contracts at The Fabulous Maid. Our focus is making your experience so good that you will contact us again. We guarantee you great and highly quality service. Because that is the way we have been operating from the first day we opened our door for business. As always your satisfaction is our goal.


Our one time cleaning service might just be the perfect thing for you and your family. We have other services such as the weekly, bi- weekly and monthly services which you might also want to check out.


What one time house cleaning entails

The type of one time cleaning we carry out depends on what you want. It can be a routine home cleaning where your house will be cleaned from top to bottom. All places will be cleaned including the bathrooms, living room, bedrooms and dining room. It will involve dusting, vacuuming, disinfecting and smell fresh.


On the other hand some customers may want a move out or move in house cleaning, deep or spring cleaning. In this type of packages, routine cleaning services is done. But we add other extras like cleaning your blinds, oven, light fixtures and refrigerator. We also sanitize your house.


Life can sometimes be unpredictable. The Fabulous Maid understands this, that’s why we are always accepting special requests. We are currently working with many families in the MA area. So we are happy to bring into your home thorough and complete cleaning service. We promise to surpass your expectation by designing our cleaning around your lifestyle.


Work with a Professional Team

Work with a friendly and professional team. Our staff is well trained and provides detailed home cleaning services. The team is full of passionate and caring people. The Fabulous Maid is experienced enough to know that homes are different, so we design a customized cleaning service for each customer.

To leave you home clean and fresh we use advanced cleaning equipment, premium home cleaning processes and quality check processes. In case you use specific cleaning products, we respect that. We will be happy to use them as well.


Areas to be covered

We can all agree that clean up can sometimes be messy. The kitchen is very susceptible to spills and stains in the form of kitchen splatters or tomato sauce. The Fabulous Maid uses products effect to prevent these stains from sticking on the floor. To ensure that stains don’t stick on the kitchen floor, use a wet wipe immediately after a spill.


Apart from the kitchen these other areas are also covered during one time cleaning;

o Bedrooms

o Bathrooms

o Living Room

o Dining Room

o Office

o Laundry Room

o Playroom


When you order you will be certain to receive the most competitive rate in the industry. We believe in providing value at an affordable price.

You can leave the overwhelming task of cleaning to experts. The Fabulous Maid will simplify your house cleaning process and also leave you with a healthy environment